A paradise for food lovers indeed, United Arab Emirates has lots to offer for culinary enthusiasts. From vegetarian to nonvegetarian to desserts, there is something for everyone. Here is a list of what you must try.



A fav of many Indians, shawarma here is incomparable to any other. You can have it with the filling of chicken.


This one is fav of all locals here. It is a Lebanese snack which is a flatbread with cheese and cooked in an oven. It can be customised with meats, veggies and spices. 



More like a salad with a twist, it contains tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, mint, garlic, onion and is served with Levantine bread. It has a number of flavours.

Al Harees

al harees

This traditional dish is mostly served during weddings. It is like a porridge cooked for hours. It has meat and wheat cooked with salt and water. 

Al Machboos

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This nonvegetarian dish has red meats, shrimp and fish and rice of course. It is like biryani in a way.

Kousa Mahshi

Zucchini stuffed with rice, this dish has yogurt as a topping and can be served with mint, garlic and rice. Many enjoy it with Lebanese wine. 

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This one is as famous as Machboos and is very wholesome, prepared with roasted lamb and served with rice.


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This dish is a mix of sweet and salt. It has vermicelli, cinnamon, rose water and saffron. You can have it with egg omelet as that is how it is served here. 

Chelo Kebab

You cannot skip this flavoursome dish which is served on skewers and served on saffron-scented rice. 

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Love custard? You must try this one! It is a traditional Middle Eastern version of custard which is a rice pudding prepared with milk, cornstarch and sugar. It also has rose water and cream and a hit with sweet-toothed souls.

Have you tried any of these besides the shawarma? How was your experience?

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