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6 Female Celebrity Solo Trips That Gave Us Major Wanderlust

Take a look at these Indian female celebrities who went on solo trips and shared their amazing experiences. 
  • Alice Mary Topno
  • Editorial
Published -19 Jul 2022, 11:49 ISTUpdated -19 Jul 2022, 12:21 IST
female celebrities solo trips

Travelling solo as a woman can be a life-changing adventure. Being able to do things your way while travelling alone can be very empowering. It can be one of the most liberating experiences.

When you travel alone, you not only learn about yourself but also the people, culture, architecture, and history of the places you travel to. Women are travelling solo more than ever before and it is very inspiring. Here are some of the female celebrities who took solo trips and shared all about their amazing experiences on social media. Take a look.

1. Munmun Dutta

Munmun Dutta

Image Courtesy: Munmun Dutta/ Instagram

Travel enthusiast Munmun Dutta is currently on a solo vacation and uploading photos from her trip to Thailand. Munmun described her solo journey and her efforts to make the most of it. She has spoken of meeting women from the Karen tribe and fitting as many destinations into her limited travel period. She wrote, "Back (to) solo trip after ages !! Back to being myself." Munmun's postcard pictures will make you want to pack your bags right now and go on a trip. 

2. Saniya Iyappan

Saniya Iyappan

Image Courtesy: Saniya Iyappan/ Instagram

Saniya Iyappan is an Indian actress who primarily works in the Malayalam film and television industry. She has an adventurous soul. The "Queen" and “Lucifer” actor enjoys travelling, and recently she decided to travel alone. The actress travelled alone to Himachal Pradesh and shared her extraordinary experience. In one of her Instagram posts, she mentioned that "travelling solo has made me sure of my life decisions. It has given me the courage to stay rooted and love life. There's nothing more empowering than mastering the art of placing self-validation over everything else."  

3. Anagha Bhosale

Anagha Bhosale

Image Courtesy: Anagha Bhosale/ Instagram

Anagha Bhosale, a television actor best known for playing Nandini in the popular Hindi television series Anupamaa, hinted at a solo journey to Puri's Jagannath Temple in an Instagram post. The actor recently said that showbiz is “filled with hypocrisy” and she desires to pursue a spiritual journey. Sharing a photo of herself with a backpack, Bhosale wrote, “If you never go, you’ll never know….some journeys are meant to be solo #jagannathpuri, #mayapur, #solotravel, #solotrip, #harekrishna.” 

4. Mrudula Murali

Mrudula Murali

Image Courtesy: Mrudula Murali/ Instagram

Recently, Mrudula Murali, a Malayalam actor, also travelled alone and shared captivating videos and images of her trip to Himachal Pradesh on her social media pages. In the pictures, the actor can be seen having a great time with  the backdrop of snow-laden mountains. Mrudula, who recently completed a quick visit to Himachal Pradesh, Rohtang Pass, Spiti Valley, and Chandra Taal, also shared a photo of herself smiling as she soared through the air in a paraglider.

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5. Neena Gupta

Neena Gupta

Image Courtesy: Neena Gupta/ Instagram

Neena Gupta went on  a solo trip to Greece. We were completely captivated by the Bollywood actor's travels around the globe. She posted amusing videos and little glimpses of her solo journey to Greece, which inspired many to pack their bags and book flights to their ideal locations. Everyone, from young people to senior individuals,  can get inspired by her to travel more and live their lives to the fullest. Although travelling alone can be intimidating, the experience is priceless.

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6. Rashami Desai

Rashami Desai

Image Courtesy: Rashami Desai/ Instagram

Rashami Desai recently visited Los Angeles, where she had a great time. She travelled by herself to the city of angels and updated her followers on social media. The star uploaded a captivating photo of herself on a beautiful Los Angeles day outside a café. The actor captioned her sunkissed photo, “What a bright sunny day & I don’t know what more to say," She has also used various hashtags such as “Solo Trip", “Los Angeles", “Hollywood" and “RD in LA" to describe her dreamy solo vacay. 

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