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    Here Are The Top 5 Reasons To Visit Bhubaneshwar, Orissa

    Visit the land of ancient Indian culture and witness an amalgamation of the tribal culture with the attributes of modernisation.
    Published -20 Jan 2021, 15:30 ISTUpdated -09 Nov 2021, 18:35 IST
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    Orissa is one of the most culturally rich states in India and despite the rapid modernization that is taking place, this state doesn’t fail to maintain its charm. The capital of this state, Bhubaneshwar is a fine representation of the entire state in one city. It is very charming, it has all the modern-day facilities and most importantly it has the old world heritage alive. The city is lined with many majestic temples that reflect the diverse and vast culture of our nation. 

    If you are planning your holiday in the coming days, then we will suggest you go for Bhubaneshwar, Orissa. Here we give you five reasons why you should not miss out on the opportunity of visiting this magnificent city, so, take a look.

    The Raja Rani Temple


    The temple was built in honour of an Odiya Queen by an Odiya King back in the 10th century. The temple(captivating facts about Kedarnath Temple) is adorned with erotic sculptures built over the large temple grounds. This is amongst the top attractions of the city and an annual music festival is organised here. Numerous talented musicians gather here to perform and enjoy themselves together along with the people. The temple remains open between 5 am to 9 pm and is in close proximity to the Bhubaneshwar airport.

    The Lingaraja Temple In Bhubaneshwar Is Lord Shiva’s Home 


    The Lingaraja Temple dates back to over 10 centuries and is built with strong and appealing architecture. There are two lion statues at the entrance of the temple and the main Lord Shiva shrines surrounded by 64 other smaller shrines. The main shrine is known as the Tribuvaneshwar or the Lord Of the three worlds and is bathed daily with bhang, milk, and water. People wait in long lines to offer prasad to the Lord and praise him. This is a very famous temple and is located on the Lingaraj temple road which is hardly 3-5 km from the main airport and the railway station. People from all over the country visit this holy temple.

    Udayagiri & Khandari Caves

    These extremely beautiful caves in Bhubaneshwar are other reasons why you should definitely visit this city. These caves are built with utter perfection and are very intriguing. The Rani Gupha is a double story cave built as one of the structures of these caves. Further, there is a sarpa cave with a three-headed snake built across the entrance of the door. Next is the Hathi gupha that has a 117 line inscription about the Kalinga King, Kharavela. When in Orissa you should definitely check out these marvels of ancient architecture.

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    You Can Shop Great Stuff At The Utakalika Market


    To shop all things Odiya, the Utakalika market in Bhubaneshwar is one of the best places. It is one of a kind market and you will not find the kind of stuff available here, anywhere else that is why this market is also very popular. From textiles to palm leaf paintings, tribal jewelry, and more you can find everything here.


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    The Tribal Museum


    The Tribal Museum located in Bhubaneshwar is another site you must visit this city for. The construction of this museum has been done in a Buddhist stupa like a dome and the museum is very popular for its tribal attractions. It is indeed one of the best places that will tell you about the tribal sects of Orissa and their lives. Orissa is home to over 62 tribal communities and the museum is home to over 2240 tribal artifacts and display items including instruments, dresses, weapons jewellery, textiles, and much more. So, do visit Bhubaneshwar for understanding the tribal history of this state.

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