Top Hair Care Trends In 2021 By Expert

Expert points out the top haircare trends of 2021 that you must know of.

Kishori Sud
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Haircare trends have shown a steady move towards natural products and better scalp care for thelast couple of years. 2021 is poised to see haircare trends breaking new ground as we get smarter about what is real, natural, and truly good for hair.

Here are some trends shared by Sarika Mangesh, Co-founder and Chiefblender at True Frog, that you must know of.

Beauty Can Have Integrity: Natural is Beautiful

The long-standing obsession that society has had with straight and smooth hair looks like itis coming to an end. Instead of crafting products that are designed to convert the texture of your hair to straight-and-thick, the haircare industry is breaking new ground that says ‘natural is beautiful.’

From hair care to hair styling products, the latest trends indicate that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Haircare products are now catering to your natural hair whatever its texture and structure might be.

Moving Away from The Sulphate-Paraben-Silicone Trio

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Even a cursory search on how to care for curly hair will tell you that you need to avoid thesulfate-paraben-silicone trio in your hair care products. Consumers are now beginning to ask for hair and skin care products that do not contain these three ingredients in any form.

Many companies use sulphates in their shampoos to get a bubbly lather. However, thislather strips the natural oils in hair making them dehydrated and easier to break. Silicone causes build-up because it coats hair strands and also prevents the absorption of active ingredients thus reducing the product efficacy. Parabens are typically used to increase the shelf-life of products, but some of them are banned in other countries.

Though there are claims and counterclaims on their efficacy and safety, they are best avoidable and be substituted with other ingredients. This trio is heavily disapproved of, especially within the curly girl community.

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Accepting ‘Natural’ Labels – Balancing Nature and Technology


Many products claim to be natural with organic ingredients in order to appeal to the eco-friendly clientele. However, just because something is organically sourced does not mean that it is good for your hair and something which is scientifically derived is not good. Both nature and science have good things to offer.

Latest haircare trends indicate that consumers are looking deeper into these organic labels to understand whether the ingredients offer any real haircare and maintenance benefits and for products which meets their individual requirement. It’s not necessary that the products be tailor-made.

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For the personal care industry, the goal is to create natural, effective and environment-friendly options that also address hair and skin-related concerns.

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