Mehendi or henna is one of the most important aspects of the bride’s attire. And with all the might the brides want it to be perfect. With the darkest of shades and most long-lasting Mehendi. 

In Hindu tradition, a bride who has a dark shade of henna emerging and lasting longer is considered to be lucky and is believed to get the love of her in-laws in abundance. These traditions actually started in ancient times but with the advancement and modernization, the natural henna started being replaced by chemical-based henna which initially looks great but eventually fades out. So, to deal with this situation we are here with some cool tips and tricks that brides to be can use to make their Mehendi darker and last longer. So, take a look.

Use Chemical-Free Organic Mehendi

tips for bridal mehendi

As we said, chemical-free naturally obtained Mehendi is the best option for you. Natural Mehendi doesn’t fade out easily and perhaps the most long-lasting henna. That is why you must refrain from using chemical-based henna.

Wrap The Design

Reapplying the Mehendi over the already applied design can also help. Just do over the design of your hand Mehendi carefully. This will make your Mehendi last longer and will also effectively get it darker.

Leave The Mehendi For A Longer Time

tips for bridal mehendi

We understand how you eagerly want to see how your Mehendi turns out to be after it dries out. But according to what our granny’s suggest, one must keep the mehndi for as long as possible. Yes, that’s right. You should not peel off the Mehendi and let it come out on its own. This is an old method to make your Mehendi last longer.

Apply Lime Juice And Sugar

You might have heard your moms tell you to apply a mixture of lime juice and sugar on your Mehendi while it's still partially wet. This is a well-known remedy to make your Mehendi last longer.  Boil a very small quantity of sugar in water and then mix it with lime water. 

Use Petroleum Jelly

tips for bridal mehendi

Once your Mehendi dries out, just make sure to apply some petroleum jelly before sleeping. All you have to do is take some petroleum jelly and rub it over your hands. And then just doze off. The next morning your Mehendi will be as beautiful as ever.

Apply Some Vicks

After your Mehendi has stayed on for overnight, then it is time for you to apply Vicks all over. Vicks is known to enhance the colour of your Mehendi and make it last longer.

Use Eucalyptus Oil

You might have noticed how some Mehendi artists apply a kind of oil (rosewood oil for skin)on your hand s before applying Mehendi. This is eucalyptus oil, this oil must always be applied on your hand before the application of the Mehendi design.  This makes the design easy to make and also enhances the colour and fragrance of the Mehendi.

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Use Cloves For Long-lasting Mehendi

tips for bridal mehendi

Another simple trick that you can use to make your Mehendi last longer is using cloves. This beautifully increases the life of the mehndi and makes it darker. Just heat up some clove stems in a pan and run your hands over the smoke, repeat this twice or thrice and you will be good to go.

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