Hair breakage is something many of us experience knowingly or unknowingly. When we wash our hair, are we doing it the right way? Not washing our hair the right way leads to major hair breakage leading to hair fall that sinks our hearts. So here are some tips on how can we prevent it and heavy healthy hair. 

Right Shampoo

Buy the right kind of shampoo for starters. It should have active ingredients like surfactants. If you have oily hair then make sure your shampoo has Anionic surfactants which are very effective at cleansing the hair. However, avoid this if you have damaged or color-treated hair since as they can dry the hair and make the hair easily breakable. The most commonly used anionics are sodium Laureth sulphate and sodium lauryl sulphate, also called SLS and SLES.)

If you have black hair, dry or damaged hair, then go for nonionic or amphoteric surfactants. These are less likely to strip the hair of moisture. 

Frequency of Hair Washing

The number of times you wash your hair too affects the hair volume and quality. If you have dry, tight curly hair then wash your hair just once a week. If you have oily hair and straight hair then you can shampoo daily. It is the sebum that our scalp produces which is unable to coat the hair strands for curly and dry hair unlike the situation for oily and straight hair. 

It is also very important as to the technique of washing our hair. If you are not washing it properly then the products you use to clean your hair, buildup as residue and cause seborrheic and irritant dermatitis which in a lay man's terms means red, flaky, rash on your scalp. 

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Hair Conditioning

hair condition

To mend the damaged hair scalp, conditioning your hair is extremely important. But should we wash it off or use a leave-in, all depends upon the damage. If you have very damaged hair,  a leave-in conditioner would work better especially if you have to style your hair a lot. Also, a protein-containing deep conditioner would work the best when it comes to treating breakage and enhance moisture in the hair. However, apply it just once or twice a month to prevent brittleness.

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Must Use Hair Oils

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Hair oils are good for your hair but apply them the right way as well. Apply coconut oil before you shampoo and then again after you wash. This is a "soak-and-smear" method which helps in retaining moisture in the hair.  All you have to do shampoo and condition hair normally, blot it with a towel with a light hand, and apply a leave-in conditioner which is water-based. Then immediately apply your hair oil which could be coconut, olive, or jojoba oil. 

Avoid hair styling tools as they damage the hair cuticle and harms the hair's structure which leads to even more hair breakage.

Hair Drying

Do not wipe your hair as that weakens the hair from its root and breaks the in turn. If you need to then use a microfiber towel and let your hair air dry.

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