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    Monsoon Hair Care: Simple Remedies To Keep Hair Problems At Bay

    Are you having trouble managing your hair during monsoon? Try simple tips and remedies shared by expert Shahnaz Husain to keep hair problems at bay. 
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    Updated at - 2020-08-04,10:39 IST
    shahnaz husain shares remedies to keep hair problems at bay during monsoon

    Hair is fragile, and just like our skin needs some extra care with changing weather. The hot and humid season undermines the beauty of the hair. The look of the locks really suffers. This is more so with oily hair. Sweat and constant secretions of oil attract various harmful agents like dirt and pollutants, making the hair dull and matted. Not only this, but the presence of salt in our sweat also tends to make the mane rough and robs it of body and shine. When it comes to the monsoon, hair loss is extremely common, due to oiliness and sweat deposits. 

    While you are already dealing with hair fall, sticky dandruff is another problem to contend with. The scales, clubbed with oil and sweat secretions, somehow stick to the hair scalp. In this situation, most of us get confused about what to do and what not to do. One’s best options are: 

    Hot Oil Therapy

    Hot Oil Therapy 

    Start by ditching your conditioners and try hot oiling to deal with sticky dandruff. 

    • For the beneficial hot oil therapy, heat til oil (sesame seeds), or olive oil. 
    • Then apply it on the scalp with cotton wool, rubbing gently to dislodge the flakes. 
    • The next step is to take a clean towel, dip it well in hot water. Squeeze out the water from the towel and wrap it around the head, just like a turban. 
    • Keep it on for 5 minutes. Don’t just leave it after doing this once, repeat the hot towel wrap 3 or 4 times for better results. 
    • Leave the oil on overnight. Next morning, apply the fresh juice of a lemon on the scalp and wash your hair after 20 minutes. 
    • You can also add 5 drops of tea tree oil to a mug of water and use it as a last rinse.
    Tea Water And Lemon Rinse

    Tea-Water And Lemon Rinse

    No matter what hair type you have, shampoo the hair more frequently during the monsoons. Use less shampoo and rinse well with water. And then, have a tea-water and lemon rinse for silky and shiny hair. 

    • Use leftover tea at home and boil the leaves in 4 to 5 cups of water to use on the hair. The amount of water depends on the length of the hair. 
    • Strain and cool the water. Add fresh lime juice and use it as a final rinse material after shampooing your mane.
    • For that extra shine, try another remedy, whisk the egg white with the lime juice. Apply on the hair half an hour before your start shampooing.

    Lemon-Rose Hair Rinse 

    Other than just hair fall and loss of shine, another problem we usually face is a bad odour from the scalp during the humid season. Wash your hair at least four times a week. Rinse thoroughly with water. For a fragrant hair rinse, add the juice of a lemon and half a cup of rose water to a mug of normal water and use it as a last rinse after washing the hair completely with shampoo. 

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    Significance Of Proper Diet

    Significance Of Proper Diet 

    Not just our body organs, but locks also need all the nutrients, as the nutritional deficiency is one of the most common causes of hair loss. Therefore a proper diet is imperative. Ensure adequate protein in the diet. A balanced, nutritious diet helps healthy hair growth since the hair is actually fed by the nutrients in the bloodstream. 

    • Include lean meats, fish, egg, dal, beans, fruits, sprouts, leafy green vegetables, and whole grains. 
    • Consult your doctor before making changes in the diet. Vitamin C, Zinc, Omega 3 fatty acids are all necessary for healthy hair growth. 
    • Zinc is plentiful in seafood, mushrooms, green leafy vegetables, and wholegrain cereals.  
    • Vitamin C is available in oranges, lemons, tomato, papaya, grapefruit, cabbage, and cauliflower. 
    • Add fresh lemon juice to a glass of lukewarm or even normal water and have it first thing in the morning. 
    • If you feel this isn’t enough, ask your doctor to prescribe some vitamin and mineral supplements to you.  

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