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Read All About The Quirky Brow Trends!

Want to have a good laugh? Read about these funny eyebrow trends over time!
  • Riddhi Kaushik
  • Editorial
Published -23 Jun 2021, 14:00 ISTUpdated -23 Jun 2021, 14:47 IST
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Eyebrows are a very important part of how we look. While a well-made eyebrow can define our look, a badly done one can completely make us look like a walking talking joker. Over the years, the way eyebrows are made has evolved drastically. From thin ones, to round, to pointed, to thick and filled brows. However, there are some of the eyebrow trends that made it to the media for all the wrong reasons. Remember when we were told to not blindly follow absolutely everything that trends? These hilarious eyebrow trends over time will make you understand why. So, if you are in the mood for a good laugh, read about these crazy eyebrow trends!

Braided Brows

funny braided brows one

Image Credit: i.pinimg

This trend was a huge thing in the year 2017, and there were also several tutorial videos on how to make one! The time that is required to braid our tiny eyebrow hairs is far more than we would wish to spend and that is probably why it all started as placing extensions on the eyebrows or editing the pictures to make it look that way. This, however, did not stop a lot of people from actually trying braids on their brows!

Wavy Brows

wavy eyerow trend one

Image Credit: i.pinimg

If after seeing this picture you feel like you have seen this somewhere, but can’t recall, it probably reminds you of the earthworms wiggling their way forward. While fashion is anything that a person wants it to be, it is a rather subjective debate, how can absolutely anyone see a person with these wavy brows and not burst into a fit of laughter!

McDonald’s Brows

The one thing that we all do when we go to McDonald’s is clicking a picture with the statue! Well, let’s just say that some people went too far with this, got way more inspired than it was necessary, and got themselves eyebrows that look exactly like the ones that Ronald McDonald, the clown statue that is placed outside McDonald’s outlet has. 

Studded Brows

These brows have a whole ‘don’t come near me’ essence about themselves and we honestly think it is pretty cool. However, there sure are other ways to portray yourself as a touch me not bold type rather than gluing spikes around the periphery of your brows!

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The Peacock Eyebrow Look

funny eyebrows peacock brows one

Image Credits: media.allure

There is no doubt that the peacock is a beautiful bird. The feathers of a peacock have the most beautiful colors all perfectly blended in them. While a lot of poets and writers have taken inspiration from peacocks, it came off as a surprise when makeup artists also went on to get inspired by the beauty of peacock feathers, and soon peacock brows became a thing. While there is absolutely nothing aesthetic about these brows, if the artists were intending to make it look funny then they hit the bull in the eye! 

Slit Eyebrows

slit bushy eyebrows one

Image Credit: s34960.pcdn

Whether to have a middle partition or a side one has been something we have all racked our brains over for the longest time. However, some fashionistas took it to a whole new level by starting a trend where they part their eyebrows. The entire bushy eyebrows story going on behind this look may appeal to some, but come on ladies, do we really need to add to our daily fashion choice confusions with a new category of whether or not to part eyebrows and which side should we part our hair to go with the split eyebrows? I hope the answer to this is a unanimous no!

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We hope these funny trends made you laugh your lungs out! For more such content, stay tuned to Her Zindagi!

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