Shaving facial hair has become a part of the lives of females over the last few years. This is because the procedure is not only helpful in reducing facial hair growth but it is also one of those hygienic habits, which is proven to be beneficial for their skin. The only negative that one can experience while performing hair removal procedure is the risk of getting cuts on their skin because of the razor.

But that can be easily avoided if one is being extra careful while working your way to a perfectly shaved face. Therefore, to learn how to shave your facial hair properly while having adequate knowledge about aftershave care, we were in conversation with Dr Kaustav Guha, Head, R&D at SkinKraft Laboratories, who told us all about the face care tips that women should follow after shaving their face so, take a look at the article and discover everything you need to know.

Some Aftershave Do's And Don’ts

Stay Away From The Sun

Always remember not to expose your facial skin to sunlight immediately after shaving your face. This is because the skin is generally more sensitive to sunlight and after a hair removal procedure, it becomes extra sensitive to the sun. But if it's very necessary to go out, then you should opt for using a good quality sun screen and apply it on your shaved skin before heading out.

Moisturise Your Skin Well

aftershave face care tips

 It is also advised to apply some moisturiser cream on your face after shaving your facial hair, as the shaving procedure can leave your skin dry and it can be eventually damaging for the skin.

Use A Mild Antiseptic Aftershave Solution

In case somehow, you do get a cut on your skin while shaving, you can always use a mild antiseptic aftershave solution in order to safeguard yourself against infection and specially made for women. This aftershave solution should always be inside your shaving kit in order to avoid any hazards.

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Look Out For Allergies

aftershave face care tips

You should always lookout for signs of allergy. If your skin is sensitive or allergic to shaving creams and equivalent products and you develop allergic symptoms after a shaving session, consult a doctor immediately and avoid shaving completely afterwards. In addition to that, remember not to shave your facial hair in a hurry. It may result in an increased risk of getting cuts and you may also experience skin irritation afterwards.

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Expert Suggested Benefits Of Shaving

aftershave face care tips

  • First and foremost, A well-shaved face that is free from thick, dark and pesky facial hair looks fresh and you'll feel more confident and groomed. Also, removing facial hair takes even less than 5 minutes and you can just go ahead with your productive day to day activities without wasting those extra minutes off the clock. Moving the razor quickly around your face also turns out to be less painful, as the chances of getting skin cuts are significantly reduced if you move your razor quickly, in a controlled manner of course. 
  • Secondly, shaving your facial hair thoroughly cleanses your skin on a cellular level. A lot of dead cells are also washed off from your skin as you shave your face, making way for cell regeneration as eventually, newer skin cells will grow back on your face. Your facial skin will, in turn, feel fresher and retain its natural glow.
  • Third, as we learnt earlier about how shaving facial hair actually cleanses and exfoliates the skin, it becomes a lot easier to use makeup products on the face. This is because, every time you shave, the surface of your facial skin tends to become smoother as it gets rid of the hair. Now, makeup products such as concealer or a foundation will usually blend well and apply evenly on smooth and hairless facial skin.

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