In India, getting piercing is not just a fashion trend, instead, it has traditional relevance. If some of the reports are to be believed, getting an ear pierced is associated with better hearing and preventing OCD, anxiety, and nervousness. 

Besides this, most of us love adorning ourselves with jewels. It enhances the look and also makes an individual stand out. However, when getting a piercing done, there are some precautions that one should take. If not, it can lead to infections, skin damage, cuts and whatnot. 

Hence, if you are getting a piercing done, here are a few tips you must bookmark to avoid any kind of damage or problems. Check it out! 

Tip 1: Clean With Mild Antibacterial Soap

Tip  Clean With Mild Antibacterial Soap

Sanitisation and cleanliness are significant when it comes to avoiding infections. However, you must not use harsh products in the area that has been pierced. This is because the skin turns delicate and more prone to damage. Use only mild, natural ingredients. Even while using these, make sure to clean the skin and then apply the product only after diluting it with water. 

Tip 2: Maintain Personal Hygiene

Besides maintaining cleanliness in the pierced area, you must also maintain personal hygiene for the other body parts. Most of the infections are transferred by your hands. If you don’t clean them up often and keep touching the sensitive pierced area, you might end up transferring the infections there too. Hence, your use soap or sanitiser to keep your hands and other areas clean. 

Tip 3: Avoid Overcleaning

Tip  Avoid Overcleaning

There is a fine line between maintaining hygiene and going overboard with it. Overcleaning can be abrasive for the sensitive pierced area, which can further lead to skin damage. In worst scenarios, people also ruin their piercing. Do not use wet tissues, brushes, chemical-infused products, etc that are likely to harm your skin in one way or the other.  

Tip 4: Do Not Itch Or Play With Your Piercing

Skin happens to be one of the most sensitive parts of the body. Any kind of tear can lead to itchiness. Whereas in other cases, individuals end up playing with their piercing. Any kind of abrasion is not good for your already sensitive skin. This could be very harmful, as the skin might get damaged, end up red or lead to infection. Whenever feeling like itching or playing, either distract your mind in other tasks or simply apply a mild zero-chemical lotion. 

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Tip 5: Don’t Change Your Jewelry Before Skin Heals

Tip  Don’t Change Your Jewelry Before Skin Heals

One of the most common mistakes that people end up making is changing their jewels (how to wear big earrings) before their pierced skin is healed. This could be dangerous, further leading to medical attention. Wait for a week or two before you remove the jewel and insert the other. The time duration can also vary from person to person. 

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