Monsoon brings along a lot of skin problems like acne and pimples. You need a proper monsoon skin care routine that helps you keep your skin healthy and glowing. Ditch your expensive skin creams and serums and try this organic homemade scrub. We have a really effective chia seeds scrub that will help you keep your skin problems at bay.

Chia Seeds Scrub

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You may not know but chia seeds are great for your skin. All you need is some chia seeds, oats and aloe vera. Mix these three ingredients and apply on your face to get rid of all the dirt from your skin. It clears all the dust particles that lead to acne and pimples. 

How To Prepare?

Soak chia seeds and then add aloe vera and aloe vera to it to make a paste. Apply it all over your face and keep iot for 15 minutes. Wash it off with cold water. You can also add lemon juice or rose water to this paste. 

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Here is another homemade scrub that you can try this monsoon to fight common skin problems:
Multani mitti is great for your skin. To prepare a scrub using it, you need some sandalwood powder, saffron and lemon juice. Mix these ingredients together to make a paste. Apply it on your skin and keep it for 15 minutes. This scrub is great for dry skin as it moisturises your skin well. Also, it makes your skin glow from within.
Here are some more skin care tips you should keep in mind during this season:
1. Rosewater is a great toner for your skin and you should keep it handy in your bag. Use it through a spray bottle or apply it all over your face using a cotton ball. This will keep your skin soft. 
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2. You don't need a cleansing cream if you have some cold milk. Take a cotton ball and apply cold milk on your face using it. This will clean your face completely and make your skin glow.
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3. Scrape out some aloe vera gel from the plant and add some rose water to it. Apply this mix on your face and keep it for a few minutes. Wash it off and you will get clear, glowing skin instantly.

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Make sure you always run a patch-test on your skin before using the pack on your face.
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