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    4 Makeup Mistakes To Avoid If You Have Dry Skin

    It's challenging to apply makeup on dry and flaky skin. Take a look at these five makeup mistakes to avoid if you have dry skin. 
    • Alice Mary Topno
    • Editorial
    Updated at - 2023-03-09,08:00 IST
    mistakes to avoid if you have dry skin

    Making a smooth base and applying makeup seems a bit difficult for people with dry skin. In fact, using makeup on dry skin makes the dryness more visible and gives your skin a patchwork look. You're obviously doing it incorrectly and making your dry skin’s condition worse. And if you have dry skin, here are five common makeup mistakes you must avoid: 

    1. Using A Wrong Cleanser

    Wrong Cleanser

    It is very important to choose a good cleanser for your skin based on your skin condition. Skin issues like dryness, discomfort, and inflammation can result from using harsh cleansers. These may remove the skin's natural oil, aggravating the dryness issue.  

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    2. Not Removing Your Makeup

    Your skin can't breathe properly while wearing makeup. Dry skin might get worse if makeup is not removed. In fact, it may cause acne by clogging your pores. Cleanse your face thoroughly to get rid of all the makeup.

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    3. Not Using Hydrating Mist 

    Hydrating Mist

    Using a moisturising mist is another point to take care of. Having a hydrating spray on hand can help with this issue. Dry skin can be moisturised with a hydrating mist, making it appear hydrated and beautiful.

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    4. Not Using Hydrating Primer

    Hydrating Primer

    Another mistake that you might be making is not using a primer. For all skin types, a primer is necessary since it contributes to a smooth basis. There are many different kinds of primers on the market, but people with dry skin should choose one that hydrates. To avoid dryness and produce a smooth, dewy base, look for a solution that has at least one nourishing component, such as vitamin E.

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