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Six Foolproof Ways To Get That Perfect Makeup Look For A Rainy Day

Monsoon season requires special tips to keep the makeup intact.
Published -20 Jul 2022, 14:53 ISTUpdated -20 Jul 2022, 15:49 IST
monsoon makeup tips for rainy days

Monsoon season requires special makeup otherwise, the humidity can quickly ruin your look.  It can smudge lip color, ruin mascara, and leave your skin looking patchy. To prevent this, makeup artist Ruchika Bhatia has shared step-by-step instructions for the perfect rainy-day makeup. These ultimate melt-proof makeup tips will add a new zing to your look this monsoon.

1. Moisturise Your Face

moisturise your face for monsoon makeup tips

Start with moisturizing your face. Make sure that your moisturizer isn't oil-based. On top of that, use a good primer that will make your makeup last longer.

2. Mix BB/CC Cream With Foundation

bb cc cream monsoon makeup tips

If you are a foundation person, you probably hate the monsoons. But don't worry because we have tips for you. Take a drop of foundation and mix it with a drop of BB/CC cream, and blend it onto your face and neck. Preferably go for a matte and waterproof foundation

3. Seal It With Loose Powder

loose powder for monsoon makeup

Use a big brush to evenly distribute a little amount of powder over your face and neck to seal the makeup.

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4. Cream-Based Blush

Take a little bit of cream-based blush on your fingertips and put it on your cheeks. Now using your fingers, blend it in. This will give you a natural flushed look. It is important to remember that you have to use minimum products on rainy days.

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5. Eye Makeup

monsoon eye makeup

Take a small amount of cream eyeshadow and blend it using your fingers or a blender. It's advised to avoid using eyeliner and kajal because they have high chances of smudging due to humidity. You can apply waterproof mascara on the upper lashes.

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6. Nude Lipstick

To finish the look, line your lips with lip liner and then fill them in with a nude lipstick of choice.

Expert Tips: 

  • Do not use powder products during the monsoons because rain can quickly wash them off.
  • Only use waterproof makeup products.
  • Use a setting spray to keep your monsoon makeup in place. It blends your makeup perfectly and keeps it from shifting around on your face.

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