How To Take Care of Your Hair After Heat Styling?

Heat styling your hair may give you a glam look for a short time, but it can damage your hair in the long run if not taken care properly.

Lakshita Singh
post Heat Styling tips

Every women loves styled hair on themselves using heating tools. With hot hair tools, we can blow dry, straighten, curl, and so on, and the hair will always appear flawless. However, it does have some serious flaws that might harm our hair by making it dry, dehydrated, and frizzy in the long term. But, if taken proper post-heat styling care of the hair, we all can avoid all of this.

As we care about your hair, we've created a post-heat-styling hair care guide for you. Read on to know how to take care of your lovely hair post heat styling and keep it looking great.

Hot Oil Massage

oil massage

Doing a hot oil massage post heat styling is the first and basic step to follow. Heat styling your hair can deplete moisture, so a hot oil massage is a good way to combat this. Oil massage softens and restores moisture to the hair while also reducing frizz. That's not allt. Hot oil can also stimulate inactive hair follicles to promote thicker hair growth.

You can use any light hair oil of your choice for this. Warm it up a little. When it's a bit warm, dip your fingertips in the oil and gently massage your scalp.

If you use heat to style your hair frequently, make sure you massage your scalp with oil on a regular basis to keep your tresses healthy.

Damage Repair Shampoo And Conditioner

damage repair shampoo

The next step is to apply damage repair shampoo and conditioner to your hair. Because flat irons or curling wands employ too much heat, the protein bonds may get broken. These protein bonds provide much-needed strength and rigidity to our hair. That is why the hair needs repair from the damage.

Apart from that, heat also causes rapid moisture loss, which causes our hair to dry out. So, t o maintain the hair's structure, strength, moisture and elasticity, it's essential to use the correct shampoo and conditioner to repair the damage.

So wash your hair with a damage repair shampoo and then condition it with a damage repair conditioner for a smooth, soft, and healthy mane.

Use Soft Cloth To Wrap Your Wet Hair

wet hair dry

After you've finished washing your hair, wrap your head in a soft cloth, ideally cotton cloth, to dry it.

Do not excessively rub your hair on the towel, since this can cause frizz and tangles. Hair is more likely to break this way. Instead, lightly scrub your scalp with your fingertips.

It's also preferable to dab extra water from your strands using an old t-shirt rather than rubbing them dry!

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Hair Serum After Hair Wash

While your hair is air drying but still a little damp, it's time to use a moisturising hair serum. Heat styling can cause the hair's exterior layer, known as the cuticle, to sizzle, making it more susceptible to moisture loss.

That is why, using a serum rich in nourishing ingredients to repair the weakening strands is essential.

For this step, all you need is a good, nourishing serum and a small amount of it applied along the hair length, especially near the ends, to restore moisture and bring back the shine. Hair serum can help your hair look healthier, more beautiful, and more lustrous.

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Regular Use Of Hair Mask

regular hair mask

You should use nourishing hair treatments, such as a hair mask, on a regular basis, especially if you are a regular hair styling user.

Hair treatments like hair mask deep condition the hair, which is necessary for healthy hair. It can also help replenish your hair's lost moisture while also reducing the tangle formation and making your hair more resistant to future damage.

Choose masks that are specifically formulated to revitalize and restore damaged hair, as these masks will give you your preferred results.

You won't have to worry about styling your hair as much if you follow these hair care tips post styling as they will help you avoid hair damage. So, without having to care about your hair, you can give it blazing curls, airy waves, or elegant straightening.

However, before using any product, it is advised that you perform a patch test. If you experience allergic reactions after using a product, stop using it right away. Consult your dermatologist for more details.

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