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Tips To Choose The Right Concealer

Concealer gives your skin extra protection and makes it look flawless. Read on to know more!
  • Alice Mary Topno
  • Editorial
Published -23 May 2022, 16:00 ISTUpdated -23 May 2022, 14:25 IST
Tips to select Concealer

A concealer performs precisely what its name implies: it hides flaws. This must-have cosmetic conceals flaws such as dark circles, black spots, redness, and hyperpigmentation. However, picking the perfect concealer might be difficult. An ideal concealer is one that effectively conceals blemishes without appearing unnatural. Choosing the best concealer might be difficult. Here are a few pointers that can help you.

1. Right Concealer Formula 

Concealer Formula

Concealers come in a variety of forms, including liquid, stick, and cream. Liquid concealers are buildable and suitable for all skin types. They are non-clogging and provide adequate coverage. Stick concealers hydrate the skin, making them ideal for dry skin. They also provide more comprehensive coverage. Due to their thick nature, cream concealers are suitable for dry or mixed skin and provide medium to full coverage.

2. Right Shade

Right Shade

Concealers differ depending on your specific issues. If you want to draw attention to specific features of your face, go for a lighter tint than your foundation. Choose a yellow or orange-based concealer if you have dark circles. To mask redness, acne, or rashes on your face, use a green concealer. A concealer with a peach foundation is ideal for concealing freckles and dark patches.

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3. Skin Undertone

Determine your skin's undertone before purchasing concealer. Undertones can be cool, warm, or neutral. You have cold undertones if your veins are purple or bluish. Warm undertones are yellow or greenish (Know The Uses Of Different Colour Correcting Concealers). Warm undertones look best with orange or yellow-based concealers, while cool undertones look best with salmon or peach-based concealers. Neutral undertones can use a combination of the two.

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4. Light Concealer

Light Concealer

Purchase it in person. Ask the shopkeeper for a couple of shades based on the colours you want. For face coverage, use an exact match, and a lighter shade for highlighting the high points. Depending on how black your dark circles are or may be any other specific issue.

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