Women’s hair is their shining glory. Their mood, outfits and outing plans depends on good or bad hair day. Be it straight, curly or wavy, struggling in keeping those beautiful babies oil-free, dirt-free and shiny is real. Sometimes girls either find it difficult to understand hair’s need and other times the limitations. These issues are common and usually comes when the weather is changing, the pollution level is up, or probably when one shift their location, leading to change in the type of water they used for washing hair. However, most of the times women underestimate the importance of understanding their hair type, depending on which they should schedule washing hair. There are generally four types of hair humans have, that is wavy, curly, straight and thin-fine hair. Every hair type needs different hair care and washing schedule, which help in keeping them luscious and healthy.   

Thick Straight Hair 


While everyone thinks you are blessed to have voluminous straight trees, only you know the struggle behind maintaining it. Yes, we know you battle with oily scalp very often. The grease from the scalp is likely to shift to the shaft within two to three days. The solution to this problem is washing the head more frequently. Best is to do it every third day because letting the natural stay for a day is equally important. Opt for hydrating or voluminous shampoo from any brand that suits you. Applying conditioners is optional. However, if you feel the length gets frizzy and dry, using a good moisturising can help. 

Curly Hair


Everyone is jealous of your beautiful curls. It makes you stand out in the crowd, helps you shine and gives your face a beautiful structure. But, not everyone is aware of the time when you wash your head and start detangling your hair. And what about the work that goes on before that. Curly hair tends to get dirty and oily more than any hair type. Plus the dry ends make your trees damaged. Use nourishing shampoos that are sulfate-free. Brands that make shampoos especially for curly hair, can be the best option for you. 

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Wavy Hair

You can shape your hair the way you want that too without too much effort. Wishing your hair to be semi-straight? Comb them after head wash, or maybe curls, all you need to do it is braid the ends and the next morning you will have beautiful curly hair. However, this hair type gets dry within a few days. Try to follow a routine of washing hair within 3-4 days. You want the scalp to also retail the natural moisture, but also get rid of dirt. Use clarifying shampoo or a neutralising one can also work. 

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Thin Hair

On those good hair days, you catch everyone’s attention with your trees flowing in the air. Your strands make you dreamy and nothing less than those runway models. But, then comes the day when the shine is gone, and all your scalp is left is oil and grease, making the hair look flat and dull. Wash your hair every alternative day, because from the second or their day with the weight of oil hair will not have any natural movement. Buy sulfate-free or volumising shampoo for your hair.