Your hands and feet tell a lot about your personality is what I have been brought up on when it comes to hygiene. It all starts with the skin hydration and then the nails that play a major role in either enhancing or spoiling your look. If you have short nails and not happy with them then there are ways to make them look longer if you wish. So without wasting time let's dig into the hacks. 

Nails break often because they are fragile and when you do a lot of household chores without wearing gloves, they tend to suffer. If you are caught in such a situation and you have to go for a party or a function then there are several ways to go about it. 

Shaping Your Nails

By shaping your nails the right way you can make your nails look longer. You could give them an almond shape or a rounder shape. Avoid squares. Squares make your nails look smaller.



Make your nails look longer by pushing back your cuticles. This gives your nail paint more space and place to shine and it gives a larger nail effect. However, keep in mind the pressure you put on the cuticle while pushing as it can lead to bleeding as well.

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French manicure

french manicure

A very common and loved manicure style, French manicure makes the nails look chic, clean and longer as well. You can get your nails done at a salon or even do it at home with a tad bit patience for clean lines.  

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Nude Colour

nude colours

We all love funky shades sometimes but on a regular basis and in general, nude nail paints make your nails look bigger. If you apply a dark nail polish that you will notice will make the nails look smaller. Buy a nude nail polish according to your skin tone.

Nail Art

Nail art makes your nails look prettier. Some designs as well make your nails look longer and they are also a distraction as it takes away the limelight from the short nail look. Opt for designs like small patterns that include small dots and thin horizontal lines.

Besides these hacks, there are certain habits you have to work on. Stop biting your nails. Apply cuticle oil and nail cream at night to nourish brittle nails and avoid easy breakage.  

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