Hydration is and should be of utmost importance amid the winter season. We get dry skin, dry flaky scalp and not to forget the dry patches on our face. But there are so many options in the market today when it comes to skincare that it can get very confusing as to what should be applied. Many cannot decide what is better, a body lotion, body butter, body oil or a body lotion. So here is a small comparison with a touchdown on which one has more benefits which could help you sort out this problem. 

Body Lotion


A body lotion firstly is way cheaper than any of the three options. It has a high water content and is lighter when it comes to texture. Itgets absorbed into our skin quicker than any of the hydrators but the catch is that they do not last very long especially in te harsh cold winter winds. These are good for sheer moisturising but do not work on very dry skin. However, they work well in the summer season. 

Body Butters


We love the packagings and the tubs these come in but they are slightly more expensive than lotions. This is simply because they are more dense and also because the formula of a good butter does get absorbed into the parched skin just takes a little longer than a lotion. These are creamier and buttery in texture and are superb for dry skin. A body butter is excellent in the dry winter months and work well in treating flaky skin. Also, a well hydrated skin takes longer in showing the signs of ageing if the ingredients used in making body butters are right. 

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Body Oil


A considerably new concept to become commercial, body oils are extremely thick and not at all water based. Body oils are very soothing and reach all crevaces our skin has. It is more nourishing and perfect for the winter season. The ingredients in the oil are like balm to the dry and quenched skin. However, the catch is, if you have body acne, stay away from oils as that can make it worse of you. 

So before you buy any of the skincare products you must do test oatches and checkout the ingredients list. Make sure you are not allergic to any of them and try to invest in organic products as they are good for your skin.

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