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    Ginseng: The Mother Of All Korean Skincare Goodies

    Want glowing skin and radiance? Add Ginseng to your K-beauty inspired routine and watch it work like magic for your skin.  
    Updated at - 2023-01-25,17:39 IST

    Ginseng is one of the key ingredients in the world of K-beauty. It  is a herbal supplement that is widely consumed in Asian traditional medicine. You may use ginseng for skin care issues as this herb is well known for increasing blood circulation and strengthening the body’s immune system. It is often used in meals, drinks, teas, and other herbal remedies.ginseng

    Many skin care brands today are including ginseng in their products for its purported skin benefits. It is believed to help treat various skin-related conditions.

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    Benefits Of Using Ginseng In Your Skincare Routineskicare

    Works Like Magic On Skin Texture

    Ginseng boosts the circulation of blood within the blood vessels, which helps with firming the skin and reducing fine lines and signs of ageing, such as wrinkles. It also helps in adding a pinch of brightness that revitalises the skin.

    Has Oodles of Antioxidant Properties 

    Ginseng’s antioxidant properties help skin to fight the effects of environmental damage that causes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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    How To Use Ginseng In You K-beauty Routine To Add Radiance

    Here are three quick and easy ways to use Ginseng in your Korean skincare routine.

    DIY Ginseng - Lemon - Turmeric Pack

    • For a quick boost of glow, add two teaspoons of Ginseng powder, one teaspoon of ashwagandha and magnesium powder, turmeric and a dash of lemon juice in a container.
    • Apply the mix to your face and let it sit for five minutes.
    • Now rinse it off with lukewarm water.
    • Voila, you’ve got rejuvenated skin!

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    DIY Ginseng - Milk Face Pack 

    • Add a teaspoon of milk to two teaspoons of Ginseng powder to create a thick paste.
    • Apply this mix to the skin generously.
    • Leave the pack on for ten minutes.
    • Now rinse it off with warm water.
    • Follow it up with a moisturizer of your choice to add the hydration back to your skin.


    DIY Ginseng & Water Face Mask

    • Dissolve a piece of Ginseng powder  in hot water.
    • Now let the mix cool down at room temperature.
    • Apply the mix to your face using a cotton ball.
    • Now wash it off with lukewarm water and slap on your favourite moisturizer.


    Why are you still here? Go try your hand at a quick DIY Ginseng face mask for beaming radiance and glow.


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