Flaunt These Braid Hairstyles During Summers

Keep hair away from your face with these easy summer braid hairstyles. 

Bhavishya Bir
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Open hair always works best but you can’t carry them all day long during the hot months because it will obviously be irritating. Hair sticking to the neck and the back as well as frizzy hair, all of it gets too hot to handle. In such a situation, braids come to our rescue that will keep your hair in place and prevent you from heat.

So, we are with 5 easy braid hairstyles that you can rock everyday during the summers.

The Basic French Braid

french braid hairstyles

A basic french braid might sound tricky but it is quite easy to make. You just need a bit of practice and you will surely be an expert. This braid is easy to make, suits all kinds of hair lengths and can go with most outfits. Learn to make a french braid and you’ll be sorted during the hot months.

Fishtail Braid

fishtail braid hairstyles

Fishtail braid might take some time, therefore, it is not very feasible for everyday looks but you can always sport it for a special event. However, if you master the art then it might take you less time.

Whether you are wearing jeans or a dress or a skirt or a gown or any ethnic outfit, fishtail braids will always add to the beauty of the look.

Braid Crowns

crown braid hairstyles

The elegant braid crowns are perfect to style with an evening gown. They look quite elegant and the best part is that they will keep the hair away from your neck.

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Boxer Braids

boxer braid hairstyles

If you feel that french braids are too basic and you want to add a quirk to your look, then you must try boxer braids. Boxer braids are basically french braids on each side. Keep your look cool and casual with this hairstyle.

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Half Updo Braid

half updo braid hairstyles

If you can’t decide between open hair or tied up hair, then this half updo braid hairstyle is perfect for you. This way you can keep hair away from your face while flaunting your long tresses.

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