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5 Cruelty-Free Body Lotions In The Indian Market

Here’s our listicle for the top 5 cruelty-free body lotions available in the Indian market!
Published -11 Nov 2021, 17:24 ISTUpdated -11 Nov 2021, 17:33 IST
body lotion for normal skin

Caring for the body is an essential task we all wish to fulfill every day. For some of us, it may seem like a task, meanwhile, some of us have been carrying around a regime for years. 

A body lotion is one such skincare item we generally use in our day-to-day life. Are you looking for cruelty-free body lotions for normal skin types? Here’s our listicle for the same! 


Klairs Supple Preparation All Over Lotion is a lightweight lotion that quickly absorbs into the skin without any stickiness.

It can be used throughout the year; during all seasons and is cruelty-free! It is recommended for those who feel cream-type moisturizers are too heavy and have a normal skin type.

Priced at ₹1810, Klairs has a wide variety of body lotions and other calming creams in their listings to surely have a look into! 


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Biotique Bio Morning Nectar Visibly Flawless Skin Moisturizer is a moisturizer created with the extracts of honey, wheat gram, and seaweeds. 

It consists of nectar, methi, and aloe vera extracts too in their 100% pure formula. 

Priced at ₹280, it is an affordable choice for one of the best body lotions available in the Indian market! 

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The Body Shop

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The fresh, lightweight gel formula of The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser will give your skin a daily boost of radiance and hydration. Vitamin C awakens and clarifies your complexion revealing a natural healthy-looking glow.

Priced at ₹2095, it is a choice for many people when they are considering a body lotion for themselves or to give to others! 

Nykaa Wanderlust Body Lotion

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Nykaa Wanderlust Body Lotion in Strawberry Daiquiri captures the luscious flavour of fresh strawberries. Enriched with Lotus and Watermelon Seed extracts, our body lotion gives your skin long-lasting moisturization. It leaves behind a trail of sweet strawberry-infused fragrance that takes you back to those sweltering summer nights that felt a lot cooler while sipping on this frozen delight.

Nykaa Wanderlust Bath & Body Collection bottle up all your travel experiences with fragrances that still linger at the back of your head. Let's revisit those lands and fill your heart with memories, and treat your skin to the comfort and well-being it deserves!

Priced at  ₹450, Nykaa has taken up on a bunch of the consumer sector of the best body lotions in the Indian market!

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Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion

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Cetaphil has been one brand of moisturizers that have been given a green by doctors and dermatologists too. Many doctors and dermatologists recommended the same for daily use to people with normal skin. 

Priced at ₹410, it is a super affordable and durable choice of body lotions in India. 

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