She is in her 60s but does she look her age? No! Rekha is the ageless beauty of Bollywood. Through the years, Rekha has not only made a mark with her extraordinary acting skills but her natural beauty still makes us drool. Even today when she steps out in her signature saree look, she gives tough competition to the tinsel town ladies. Her beauty, confidence, personality is unmatched. 

We all wonder how does Rekha's skin looks so flawless. Also, she has great hair, thick and shiny. Though Rekha is naturally beautiful, the iconic actress follows a strict beauty regime to maintain herself. If you too wish to have beautiful glowing skin and thick tresses like her, take notes of her beauty secrets:

Gram Flour/ Besan For Skin

besan rekha

Besan is a great exfoliator for the skin. It is one kitchen ingredient that can help you fight with almost all your skin problems. Rekha trusts besan for her skin. She even used to bath with besan. 

Benefits of Besan For Skin:

  1. Helps in removing tanning
  2. Cleanses your skin
  3. Gives you instant fairness
  4. Helps in removing facial hair
  5. Keeps face oil in control 
  6. Removes dead skin cells
Other than using besan, Rekha follows a strict skin routine that involves cleansing, toning and moisturising her skin. This routine helps her remove all the dirt from her face and keeps her skin healthy from within. 

Homemade Pack For Hair

homemade hair pack

We all envy Rekha's thick and gorgeous looking hair. Do you know what's the secret? It is a homemade pack that she applies to her hair once in a while. This hairpack is prepared using dahi, honey and egg white. All these three ingredients are great for the hair and make hair healthy and smooth. 

Water For Glowing Skin

rekha bollywood beauty

Wondering what's the secret of her glowing skin? Rekha drinks a lot of water. She drinks around 10 to 12 glasses of water through the day. This helps keep her skin hydrated and this makes her skin glow. 

Yoga For Healthy Body

rekha yoga

Rekha believes that one needs to be healthy from within. She practices Yoga everyday to keep her body healthy. She also practices meditation on a regular basis. 

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To look beautiful, you need to fuel your body with the right food and Rekha makes sure she has healthy food. Rekha avoids eating junk food and has home-cooked food prepared in less oil and spices. Her meal usually includes a bowl of dahi, rotis and green vegetables. 
Now that you have Rekha's beauty secrets, make them a part of your routine and get gorgeous looking skin like her. For more on celebrity beauty secrets, stay tuned!