Arranging your make products in a way that you can have the access to everything can be a daunting task to achieve. But organizing your makeup can save you a lot of time, and energy especially when you need to reach early at an event. Plus, sorting out your makeup is very helpful in keeping a check on the expiry date of the products, and when you need to throw or replace them. Here are some effective tips that you can follow to keep your makeup in an assembled way.

Labeling The Products

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If you need to keep your makeup products in a neat and oragnised way then invest in good transparent boxes. Put a label on these transparent boxes so that it is easy for you to look through the products, without opening the box every time you need something.  One more tip is to keep the same products in one box, for example, if you are keeping a box for lipsticks then do not put any other product in to avoid confusion.

Check Expiry Date

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If you are sorting out your makeup products from the scratch then the best way to do is by assembling them. Collect all your makeup essentials and place them in one place, and then start arranging them according to their category and expiry date. At this point, you can also get rid of the products which are no longer in use. It is important to throw away the products that have passed their prime time and have crossed the expiry date. The expired products lose their active ingredients and are left with bacteria which can be harmful to your skin.

Smell The Products

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Even if your products are under the usable period they can still smell weird. It happens when you mistakenly leave the cap of the product open for a long time or touch it with dirty hands and fingers. If your product has an unusual smell to it or it has changed in color or texture then it is important to throw away that product immediately.

This rule applies to your makeup appliances too, if your makeup brushes have become rough, or they smell weird even after washing then you need to change them.  Stop using a sponge that has lost its softness or the tools that have broken as they will only harm your delicate facial skin.

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Form A Group

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If you are someone who loves makeup and has a huge collection of various items then this tip is for you. You need to start arranging your products starting with their type, and then by their brand. Keep all the products of the same category together that belong to the same brand. You can start by organizing with all the lip-related products, then moving to the eye and finally to the foundation and other miscellaneous products.

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Creating A Rack

We know how tough it can get sometimes to find your favourite nail polish, right when you need it. So to make your life easy, we have a simple hack for you. Arrange your nail polish in an open rack so that they are visible and it is easy for you to pick them as and when needed.

We hope you found these tips useful. Stay tuned to Herzindagi for more such stories.