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Anti-Ageing Concealer Trick: Try This Trick For Instant Face Upliftment

A concealer can truly be your secret makeup trick for an instant glowing face
concealer trick Main

Makeup enthusiasts would know that the most effective way to give yourself a new look is contour. However, it is not the only way. If you apply your concealer the right way, then it can instantly give you a facelift.

People usually apply concealer under the eyes in order to hide the puffiness and dark circles but there are other areas as well where you can apply concealer. If you apply it perfectly and blend it well, then it can totally alter your appearance. It will give you the desired look without going under the knife. This will give you a natural look and make you look younger.

Concealer Trick - Blend Upwards

Aforementioned, concealer is usually applied to hide dark circles. So, we make a triangle under the eyes and blob on blemishes. This may be making you look older than you already are.

In this new trick, blend a light concealer from the outer corner of your eyes upwards to your temple. Use a brightening concealer shade for the perfect look.

Instant Eyelift

under eye concealer trick

For an instant eye lift, take some of the concealer left on your brush and swipe it from the outer corner of your eyes to your temples for an instant eye lift. This is a great trick and you should definitely use this trick to see the results.

First, apply the concealer under your eyes and then, on the redness and blemishes, then use the leftover product to highlight your temples. This will enhance your look and will give you a natural facelift with taking the risk of botox and spending a lot on the treatment. Also, this way you won’t have to use too much product, thus, giving you a natural look.

This will create a light and lifted area under the eyes, thus, making you look younger. This is an instant eyelift technique.

Make sure you don’t go overboard with the product as it will give you a cakey look which will make you look older instead of making you look younger. You can easily go overboard, especially if you are trying to hide fine lines and crow’s feet but make sure that you have a gentle touch as this will give you the desired look.

Cheek Bones

anti ageing concealer trick

Dark contour is used to create a lifted look around your cheek bones but if you don’t have one, then you can always use a concealer and it will have the same effect. Apply it below the bronzer to emphasize the definition in your cheeks. You can also apply it to the brow bone and see positive results.

Using a concealer where you would use a highlighter will make you look younger and give you a fresh look as it can create more angles.

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Things To Keep In Mind

You should remember to always use a hydrating cream before applying concealer. You should also prep your under eyes before using other products. This will make your concealer work smoothly and it will make it long-lasting.

If you want to look younger, then you need to avoid a few things. Don’t layer your product with a heavy powder as it will only mattify your face to an extent that it will strip off the natural glow from your face, thus making you look dull.

Make sure to keep your product within the limit and don’t overdo it. This will enhance your appearance and give a natural look with looking like you have used too much makeup. Therefore, it is necessary to be gentle while you are using this anti-ageing concealer trick.

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You surely need to try this amazing trick. Trust me, you will surely be impressed with the positive results of this trick. This special anti-ageing concealer trick works on the high points of your face, thus aiding in creating a sculpted and lifted look without taking the risk of going under the knife. So, try this trick for the next event and we are sure that this trick will make you look at least 10 years younger and your natural look will be the talk of the town. 

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