Regardless of type, texture, colour or style, there’s one thing that everyone wants – flaunting hair that looks like it has been blessed by God! There are days when we get that vibe, especially when our mane receives love from a trusted salon professional. But then who has that kind of time and money to spend on salon services with that ever-increasing list of things to do. If you notice, professionals use some techniques to wash your mane at the salon. While they don’t do anything extra-ordinary, those simple yet lesser-known steps make a huge difference by turning your hair more bouncy and luscious. Incorporate these hair wash moves to your hair care regimen and enjoy healthier mane. 

Wet Your Length 

Before applying or doing anything, the first step to follow is to wet your hair. But most of us make a fundamental mistake while rinsing our locks, that’s washing hair right from the scalp. You want the hair to detangle and not become messier, that’s why always start wetting your hair from the length. So that if you apply hair products after this step, it will not make your hair to break from the middle.  Also, use slightly warm water in the beginning, as it will help to open the cuticles and remove product build-up, and toxins. This will also allow the shampoo to do a better task. 

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Apply Conditioner Before Shampooing 

Apply Conditioner Before Shampooing

No, you didn’t read anything wrong, we literally asked you to apply conditioner before shampoo. It may sound strange, but this process is likely to help protect the fragile hair from turning drier. Conditioning will fill in any holes in the cuticle with moisture. You will notice after a while your mane becoming smoother and softer. This is especially an important change that girls with longer hair should embrace. Their hair tends to become frizzier towards the end, therefore, applying conditioner first will make a huge difference. 

Concentrate The Shampoo At The Scalp

Your scalp deals with toxins, pollution, oil, dirt, and even abrasive products that you apply. So naturally, it needs more rinsing and care than any other part. Pour your shampoo in the center of the scalp and then start covering the whole area. Don’t forget the sides, back of the ear and the nape of your neck. When it comes to your hair ends, they do not need as much cleansing as they need conditioning. In fact, over-shampooing your lengths will make them dry and more breakable.

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Don’t Skip Massaging 

Don’t Skip Massaging

Even if you’re in a hurry, spend a minute or two in bestowing love upon your hair. Massaging has several benefits and you must not skip this step to be followed while you’re oiling. Massaging is significant because it helps improves blood circulation, thus promoting healthy hair growth. But no aggressive moves, just light, and gentle finger movements are needed to massage the scalp, as too much friction could end up permanently damaging your hair follicles.

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Wrap Up With A Cold Water Rinse

To transform your dull and frizzy mane, lastly, rinse from cold water. It will give you beautiful and healthy locks. Cold water closes the open cuticles and this is what is required to bring shine. Not only this, but cold water wash towards the end will also prevent fizziness. 

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