Need Better Sleep? Use A Soap Bar

From lavender to rose soap bars, we have a list of scents that can help women sleep like a baby. Read on!

Krati Purwar
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Do you wake up tired even after 7-8 hours of sleep? Are you dreading a night for a sound sleep? We have an answer for you. Use a soap bar. Yes, you heard it right. You can use a fragrant soap bar and keep it under your pillow to experience baby-like sleep.

How Will The Fragrance Of Soap Work? (Sleep Better)

soap bars to sleep better

Our sense of smell is affected by olfactory neurons present in the nose. They take the chemical signal to our brain. Neurons also pass the scent to the back of the throat, connecting it with taste.

Hence, if you keep a soap bar beside your pillow will ensure that your neurons continuously receive pleasant fragrances throughout the night. There are certain different types of fragrances that are renowned to induce better sleep during the night.

Pleasant smells are known to calm down a person and help a woman feel relaxed. It relieves uneasiness and also helps a few women with nausea and vomiting. A few scents can also become a part of emotional memory that make people to react in future when you come across them after a long time.

Soap Bars And Aromatherapy (Sound Sleep)

Aromatherapy has been popular in spas and salons to help people relax in an environment. A fragrant soap bar can be useful to put yourself to sleep after calming down your senses.

For this reason, women can make soap bars at home, using herbs and plants. You can also add essential oils to add your favourite scent. It will help elevate your mood during the night and experience sound sleep.

Can Soap Bars Improve Sleep Quality?

flower scent of soap bar

Many researchers suggest that aromatherapy is effective in inducing sound sleep. Hence, a soap bar can work for you. It might not be able to alter the environment of the room, but it could definitely help if you keep it beside or under your pillow. It will help to reduce anxiety and stress to calm your mood.

What Are The Best Scents For Soap Bars To Try For Good Sleep?


Rose flowers are renowned all around the world for their intoxicating fragrance. If your soap bar has the scent of roses, you can try it to put yourself to sleep. Many women are fond of roses. You must try this trick and share your experience with us in the Facebook comment section.


Many women might even have the fragrance of jasmine stored in their memories. It could help them sleep better at night. Therefore, you must can buy a soap bar with a jasmine scent or craft one using essential oil. It will calm you down and help you sleep like a baby at night.


lavender soap bar

Lavender is also a popular scent that has a calming effect on women experiencing stress. It also helps with mood swings and nausea. Keeping a lavender soap bar beside your bed can help you sleep better at night.

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Some women just love the smell of freshly brewed coffee. You can get a soap bar with a coffee fragrance and keep it beside your pillow to improve your sleep during the night. This scent is, however, not for every woman.

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However, if a woman experiences insomnia or other sleep-related issues, we suggest consulting a doctor for expert opinions. It could be an underlying condition that would require medication. In such cases, aromatherapy with a soap bar (make turmeric soap bar at home) might just not be the right choice.

Also, women who are sensitive to certain or all kinds of scents must not try this. It might not help you or elevate any of your problems. If you love the smell of flowers and soap bars, try it out for a week.

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