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Going For A Winter Trek Or Hike? Remember These Tips For A Safe, Comfortable Journey

If you are planning a winter trek in the mountains then do keep these points in mind for your own safety.
Published -01 Jan 2020, 08:30 ISTUpdated -16 Nov 2021, 18:03 IST
hiking winter tips

If you plan on going for a hike this winter and walk-up snowy hills then it is important that you carry the right gear and prep properly. From your clothes to gear to trails, there are many things that you have to consider. So let's take a look at the checklist that is extremely important for you. 



This is super important that you layer your clothings as it traps heat better. If you have a variety of insulated clothings on then that helps keep the body temperature normal and makes you feel rather comfortable. Also, wear thick winter socks, two layers of gloves if going in the snow. Buy Qube By Fort Collins Women's Cape Jacket for Rs 989, here. 


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Agreed that pasture or path is beautiful but always start with small. The distance should not be so difficult and it should be reasonable. In the summer season, things are easier but during the wintertime, it is way more difficult. Not to forget the early sunsets and early mornings. Try not going out in the dark as it can land you in trouble as well.

Safety Gear

Carry a trail map, pocket knife, hand-warming packets, compass, first aid kit, and a headlamp. Your hiking gear should be in place before you set out. Also split up some of the gear in the group so that just one person is not carrying all the burden. Also, do not forget to carry a sleeping bag, a parka, cell phone, charger & power bank. Buy SYSKA P1016B Power Pocket 100 10000 mAh for Rs 599, here.

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Weather Check

This one is an obvious but just in case you forget, it is important to check the wind speed, daylight hours, the precipitation, news of any avalanches, etc. Plan your trip according to the weather conditions. 



If you are hiking on snow then train yourself on how to wear them and carry them properly. Read techniques and try first on easy paths first. You have to practice how to put them on and how to take them off. Going uphill and downhill are two different things! Buy ADD GEAR Thermoplastic Elastomer and Steel Studs Anti-Skid Ice Snow Shoe Spikes Gripper for Rs 899, here.

Experienced Co-Hikers

Go with someone who is experienced so that he or she can help out and teach you how to go about it. Choose to go in a group as a pack is equivalent to safety. 

Tea & Coffee

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Bring a lot of water with you as dehydration is something you cannot risk during your hikes. Carry some tea, coffee, cocoa, and a portable stove and also a thermos. Buy Milton Glassy Flask 1000ml Vaccum Flasks for Rs 746, here.

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Good Gear

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Invest in good gear as it is a one-time investment. Buy snowshoes, waterproof pants, jacket, gaiters, waterproof boots, hiking poles, lightweight backpack, camp stove, hat and gloves, goggles and wrap around glasses. Don't forget to check out sales.

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