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  • Krati Purwar
  • Editorial

8 Must-Pack Essentials for Women While Travelling To The Hills

Dealing with extreme weather conditions can be challenging. Pack these items for a hassle-free trip to the mountains.
Published -07 Jun 2022, 16:50 ISTUpdated -07 Jun 2022, 17:03 IST
  • Krati Purwar
  • Editorial
  • Published -07 Jun 2022, 16:50 ISTUpdated -07 Jun 2022, 17:03 IST
travel items for women

Travelling to the mountains can be an experience of a lifetime. Snow-capped peaks and mesmerising landscapes make hill stations perfect choices as getaways. However, when you plan to trek or explore offbeat places in the mountains, you must carry some essentials. Since shops may not be available at every corner of a trek, women need to pack tight. Here is a list of items that you must carry when planning a journey to the mountains. 

Shoes With Grip

gripping shoes

Travelling or trekking in the mountains involves a lot of walking. Therefore, women need shoes that offer a good grip. It will prevent your feet from getting cold and allow you to climb swiftly on an elevated path. Puma, Adidas and Wildcraft are some of the brands that make the best trekking shoes for women.

These Shoes also prevent you from slipping. Along with shoes, it is advisable to carry an extra pair of slip-proof footwear in case the other one gets wet.


Beyond sweaters, women must have an extra jacket, warmers and a windcheater, depending on temperatures. Trekking and travelling in the hilly terrain can involve braving chilly weather. It could lead to frostbites, shivering, hypothermia etc.  You can also carry fancy pullovers to make a style statement, but you must not forget to pack scarves, gloves and extra socks. 

Power Bank

power bank

You might not find convenient stores or charging points nearby to charge your mobile phone. Hence, it is essential to pack a power bank so that you can instantly plug in your mobile and get going. It comes as a saviour, especially when you decide to trek.

Thermal Water Bottle

Since hill stations lack habitation like plains, it is not easy to find sources for clean water. Hence, women travellers must carry a water bottle because no matter how cold it gets there, your body needs to stay hydrated. On the other hand, a thermal bottle will maintain the temperature of the beverage and keep it from spilling on your clothes or bags.

Menstrual Products

menstrual product

With other hassles of travelling comes the inconvenience of periods. You might get periods while on a trek, or you might need to change a used sanitary pad or tampon. Hence, you must carry your preferred menstrual products. Plan ahead to make sure you have a convenient period. You can also pack a menstrual cup, which can hold menstrual flow up to about 6-8 hours. . However, you might struggle with hygienic surroundings and tap water supply when you need to clean it.

Cash In Hand

The primary issue with travelling in the mountains is accessibility. Unlike metro cities, one might not find small stalls or shacks accepting payment through digital mediums. Also, you might witness connectivity issues or problems with finding ATMs.

Hence, women travellers must carry cash in their wallets. It might not be too much, but a change of ₹100, ₹50, ₹20 and ₹10 denominations might come in handy. 

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Similar to beaches, women need to carry sunscreen while planning a trip to the mountains. At high altitudes, the atmosphere is thin because the amount of air molecules decreases. Hence, UV rays can affect you adversely in the hilly areas compared to what you experience in the plains. Therefore, you must carry sunscreen (sunscreen guide) with a high SPF, between 50 and 70, to protect your skin. 

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Essential Medicines 

If you are someone who gets affected by cold too quickly, you must carry a few medicines. Having a first aid box will help you overcome adverse situations that might arise unexpectedly due to the rocky terrain and extreme weather conditions.

If you have travelled in mountains, share your expert tips for women planning their first solo travel. Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more travel tips!


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