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7 Women Share The Biggest Turn-Off Behaviours In Men

7 women share how their dates were going well when all of a sudden, guys did something to ruin the vibe. 
Published -24 Jul 2022, 18:00 ISTUpdated -27 Jul 2022, 16:56 IST
turn off behaviour by guys on date

Have you ever had a long-standing crush on a guy, but that one behavior swiftly made you lose all romantic feelings for him? It feels surprising yet also relieving. Doesn’t it?

Almost any woman's feelings for someone can be turned off by certain behaviors. We discussed this with 7 women, and they each shared one behavior in their dating partners that caused them to completely lose all romantic feelings for them. Take a look:

1. Eating Manners

eating manners in date

“I went on a date with a guy at a restaurant. We placed our orders and were having a cute conversation. But as soon as the food arrived, rather than engaging in the conversation, he simply kept on gorging food. When he finished eating, he rubbed his hands on his jeans. All my feelings for him went away at that moment. As soon as we parted ways, he texted me asking when our next date would be, and I replied that it wouldn't work.”

- Anisha Tiwari, 25 years old

2. Too Drunk Before Meeting 

"I was meeting this guy for the first time and we had plans of getting drunk together. But when I met him, he was already drunk. He greeted me with “Hi! I am 3 bottles down”, to which I replied, “Hi, I am Tanya”. After that, I didn’t stay for too long.”

- Tanya Srivastava, 23 years old

3. Problem With Understanding Consent

Problem With Understanding Consent on date

“I was on a bike with this guy I found really interesting. We were on our way to Connaught Place for a lunch date when, without telling me, he made a turn in the direction of his home. This was a very creepy situation which made me very uncomfortable. When I realized it, I stormed off and never spoke with him again.”

- Navya Kharbanda, 22 years old

4. Complaint Box

“We were meeting for the first time. I was running 20 minutes late and he had to wait for a while. When we finally met, he kept complaining about it and my whole mood was ruined for the day.”

-Pooja Kaintura, 32 years old

5. Mansplainer

mansplainer on a date

“The date was going really fine. The weather was nice and we were having a nice walk after dinner. However, someway the topic of dowry came up and he began mansplaining me the idea of dowries and feminism. My romantic feelings for him at that moment quickly turned into feelings of annoyance.”

- Lakshita, 21 years old

6. Ill Treating The Waiters

ill treating waiters on date

“We met at a fancy fine dining restaurant where we were chit-chatting. Then, to place the order, he started shouting at the waiters impatiently and kept calling out their names the entire time. I could see that all ten of the tables around us were staring at us, but he didn't seem to mind. I was too embarrassed and had to ask him to calm down.”

-Vaani Malik, 31 years old

8. Creepiness

“I was trying to learn more about him from him, but he read all my actions as signs to have sex with him. When I said no to sex, he kept saying, “You can touch me as I am quite open-minded". He was a next-level creep.”

-Ankita Bangwal, 29 years old

What was the biggest turn-off behavior for you? Share your thoughts with us by commenting on this article.

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