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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Tolerate Your Possessive Partner’s Overprotective Behaviour

Partners can change a life, sometimes in a positive way and other times in a negative way, especially if your has overprotective behaviour.  
Published -26 Feb 2020, 17:15 ISTUpdated -12 Nov 2021, 18:23 IST
protective partner

Being able to find a person who loves you, adores you and care for you is probably the best thing that can happen to a person. In some cases the caring, loving nature might cross limits, turning to be toxic over time. While your partners must not be doing certain things on purpose, it is vital to not encourage the other half to control your growth by keeping mum. Yes, you can not change one’s behaviour overnight, but bringing your problems to their attention is a must, because overprotective nature can impact you in many ways, such as- 

Making you isolated


When you fall in love with an individual, all you want to do is spend time with him all day long. But, this isn’t practical in the long run. A person needs their family, friends and social life as much as they want love from their partners. Possessiveness, which has been closely related to jealousy, refrain you from mixing with other individuals. Males are often jealous of their partner’s male friend. They expect you to step back from that relationship. It may look sweet and romantic in the starting, but, with time this very nature can turn noxious. So, if you have started feeling uncomfortable calling your friends and family in front of your partner, it’s time that you both talk about it. 

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Regular fights and drama


Since he wants you to appease all his wishes, tell everything that you are doing, dress according to him, respond to all his calls and messages no matter what, fights and drama are bound to happen when you fail to follow his instructions. And, if he is telling you after the huge fight that it’s his love, try not to believe, because, love can be many things but not sabotaging friendships and one’s growth by being manipulative. Also, all this will not only diminish your self-confidence but such behaviour is likely to put an impact on your mental health.

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Privacy violation

privacy violation

Remember fighting with your parents about a personal room and your privacy as kids or teenagers? Well, growing up some of us have compromised the basic things that every individual have right to, that too for love and to please our partners. The situation has become worse with the advent of technology. In the older times, situations were not this harmful as it is today.

Be it your location, messages, friend list, photos or videos, your partner wants and can have access to everything. If you are feeling it’s okay, then please remind yourself that trust is the foundation of any relationship on earth. While the lack of trust can break the bond, tolerating possessive behaviour can make you feel trapped.   


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