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  • Krati Purwar
  • Editorial

Interesting Fact: Indian Train Coaches Have Yellow, White And Grey Stripes; Know Why

Why do Shatabdi train has red coaches while Garib Rath has green? Take a look!  
  • Krati Purwar
  • Editorial
Published -30 May 2022, 14:53 ISTUpdated -30 May 2022, 15:06 IST
Railway Technologysuperfast train coaches

Have you ever wondered if the different colours on train coaches mean anything? Do you know why some trains have green, red or blue coaches? What do the stripes indicate? In this article, we will see the reason behind painting train coaches in different colours and patterns.

White, Grey And Yellow Stripes

Whenever you see white or pale blue stripes painted on a blue-coloured coach, it means that the compartment is general. It is unreserved, and people can travel in it by simply taking a platform ticket. These stripes help people to identify between reserved and unreserved coaches.

Similarly, there are yellow stripes on (blue and red) train coaches to indicate that sick people and differently-abled passengers can travel in them. If you see grey stripes on a train coach, preferably on local trains, they indicate that the particular compartment is reserved for women. These are general coaches as well.

Blue-Coloured Coaches

sleeper class coach

Most of you have noticed blue coaches on Indian railways. Do you what that colour indicate? The colour is painted over ICF (Integral Coach Factory) coaches. If a train has all the coaches in this colour, it would mean that its speed range will be between 70km/hr and 140km/hr. Hence, superfast train and mail express trains have coaches in blue colour. 

Red-Coloured Coaches

How do you identify Shatabdi or Rajdhani trains? They are painted in red. The next time you are travelling anywhere via a Shatabdi or Rajdhani train, do notice the colour of the coaches. 

These are ICF air-conditioned trains. These trains can cross the speed limit of superfast trains. Their maximum speed is around 150km/hr. The colour helps to identify the train and allows it to pass ahead of mail express and superfast trains.

Brown-Coloured Coaches

metre gauge trains

Image Courtesy: Culture Trip

Metre-gauge trains have brown-coloured coaches. These trains are special as they cover the tracks that go through the mountains. There are five metre-gauge trains running under India Railways. The names include Kangra Valley Railway, Darjeeling Himalayan Train, Kalka-Shimla (things to do in Shimla) Railway, Nilgiri Mountain Railway and Matheran Hill Railway. 

Green-Coloured Coaches

Trains that have green-coloured coaches are poor chariot (Garib Rath) trains. Indian Railways introduced these trains in 2005. Such trains have air-conditioned coaches only. The best part about these trains is that authorities have subsidised the prices for tickets.

Hence, people from all walks of life can book a ticket in an AC coach at feasible rates. These trains are ideal for long-distance travel. Such trains are prioritised over superfast trains, and therefore, they run fast. However, you might not find food or bedding options in a Garib Rath.

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Fresh Look Of Indian Railways

In 2018, Indian Railways rolled out a new colour scheme for trains. For example, they decided to change the colour of the compartments painted to a dark blue hue. The new colour scheme was a mixture of brown and beige. If you have recently travelled on the Delhi-Pathankot Express, you would have observed this colour scheme.

This new rollout was only for the mail and express trains (road trip vs train trip). It did not include Shatabdi, Rajdhani and Duronto trains. The decision of makeover was taken to improve the travelling experience of people across the country. 

This revamp also included replacing toilets in the trains with bio-toilets. The authorities of Indian Railways wanted to provide passengers with a pleasant and hassle-free experience during the journey. 

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They also installed comfortable seats and plug points near berths for phone and laptop charging during travelling. Since then, the authorities have also ensured prompt responses to the queries from passengers.

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