"If life throws lemons at you, make a lemonade" -- this is one quote which is truly motivating especially in our lives today amid the pandemic when everything seems to be going wrong. Some people are able to battle it out and face all problems be it at work or home but some indicuduals tend to be escapists. They could have a number of reasons for doing so but running for the exit in some way is the first thought. Avoiding the ugly could be an aspect in their mids as well. So, with the help of Tarot Card Reader and Guidance Counsellor Jeevika Sharma, HerZindagi presents to you a list of few zodiac signs that tend to be escapists without any judgement. 


capricorn  escapist zodiac

Capricorns are usually counted in the escapist category because they show a tendency to run away from responsibilities. Capricorns, normally, prefer a carefree life with no stress. Or, a life where they have very little or no responsibilities.


aquarius escapist

Aquarius are escapists in the matters of the heart. They tend to escape from love or their relationships because they have a fear of being used. They fear that their partner would leave them alone when the need is over leaving them heartbroken.

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pisces escapist

They are one of the biggest escapist zodiac signs. This is because they never face the reality of their actions. It is due to this Pisces tend to run away from their life be it their relationship, work, or any other thing that they indulge in.

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libra escapist

Libra makes their escape from any situation where they have to accept their mistakes. They will not leave any opportunity if it allows them to escape the responsibility for their actions. The mistakes they commit are especially at their workplace. And, the reason they tell themselves is that they don’t want to look bad in the eyes of others. Be it anyone Pisces is always concerned about their social image.

Are you one of these zodiac signs or do you know someone who is? 
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