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Are You Getting Breadcrumbed In A Relationship? These Are The Signs

If your dating partner is only offering morsels of his interest and attention with no intention of following through, then they are essentially breadc...
  • Kumari Rajnigandha
  • Editorial
Published -24 Jul 2022, 19:00 ISTUpdated -24 Jul 2022, 14:53 IST
are you Breadcrumbed In A Relationship

Breadcrumbing takes place when someone offers you just enough time and attention to hold your attention and interest, but they do not intend to date you. Breadcrumbers do not want to commit and instead influence you so that they can just have you around for some validation or maybe some as a backup. Inconsistent responses and failure to follow up on plans are strong indicators of breadcrumbing behaviour. 

Well, you might think that breadcrumbing can happen only in the dating scenario but that can’t be farther from the truth. Relationships, family relationships, social situations, and work environments can be filled with breadcrumbing situations. While it can be extremely challenging to navigate through when engaging with a breadcrumber, it is going to be heart-rending when it’s your partner who is behaving in such a way.

Let’s take a look at the signs that indicate that you’re being breadcrumbed in a relationship.

1. Less Invested

less invested in relationship

If your partner claims they love you and are in with you for the long haul, but they never seem to make time or plans with you; then those are just empty words. When sincere feelings are there, a relationship will evolve, however slowly. 

If nothing changes, if your relationship feels at a standstill and your partner makes no attempt to make the changes then there’s a high chance you're being breadcrumbed. This negligence may cause the victim to wonder and even blame themselves.

2. Mostly Unavailable

The victim constantly appears to be waiting – for the breadcrumber to text or call, to keep a long-held promise, or to finally exhibit commitment in a relationship. 

3. Feeling Drained

Healthy relationships are supposed to make you feel secure and loved. Instead of feeling appreciated you feel confused and emotionally drained, then there’s something amiss. The victim of continuous breadcrumbing frequently experiences loneliness, despair, melancholy, and, probably most importantly, emptiness. An emptiness is caused by a lack of actual substance in a relationship.

4. Hot And Cold Behaviour

hot and cold behaviour in relationship

When they desire something from the victim, the breadcrumber may exhibit interest and care, only to revert to their self-absorbed and inattentive ways once they receive what they want.

If you wish to share any interesting tips on how to deal with breadcrumbing behaviour, then do let us know by commenting on our Facebook and Instagram page.

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