Hang in there if you are worried about your career or love life. The coming days between January 25 To January 31 have a lot in store for you. Is your health going to be fine? Will she accept your proposal? Will you be asked to marry? Read on to know what your zodiac sign has in store for you as per Astrologer Manish Sharma. 


This week your financial position may get better and your property could turn out to be fruitful. Your brothers will be supportive and you will also be lauded for your hard work. You may get the opportunity to get into new avenues on the career front. Bumping into a useful person is definitely in your stars. This week you may have guests coming over.

Be a bit careful. There are chances of getting some bad news. Don't go alone anywhere. On the professional front, beware of strangers and try not to get involved in any kind of transaction. Your bosses may not be in a good mood this week. Healthwise, you may suffer from a skin problem and you may get hurt on your mouth or twist your foot. Speaking about your love life, all will be peaceful for the married as well as unmarried people. Those single may get a matrimonial offer. 


taurus love one

If you are involved in a court case then you have the chances of being successful. You may also get new opportunities in terms of work. Married women may be worried about their child. Your property may turn out to be fruitful. By the end of the week, you have some worrying clouds in your charts. You may have trouble financially as well. On the health front, you may experience some kind of a pain in your left hand. Your love life may be a little bit in turmoil as your partner may not take to your decision-forcing habit lightly. 


You will be busy at work but you will get a lot of support as well. As the week progresses, be a bit careful at work and if you run a business then beware of your partner. You may even have to travel in the coming days. Your family will be supportive. Your financial status will be fine and your planning will go smoothly.

Bussiness women or men must be very careful. Those employed must not change their job yet and they must keep their bosses happy. On the health front, you may have stomach related issues or something to do with your eyes. Those in a relationship may have an argument but married couples will be fine. 

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You will be successful with your tasks and your financial status as well will be good. If there has been a case regarding your inheritance then you may win there. All your plannings will be successful and your friends will be supportive. As the week progresses you may catch yourself wasting time in unnecessary tasks.

If you plan on travelling then it may not be smooth. Those employed will be good at their job. In terms of health, your lazy attitude will go but you may suffer from joint pains. Those in a relationship may not have it smooth and may feel a sense of disappointment and those married may also face something similar. 


If something is bothering you, you will be able to come up with a solution. If anyone is travelling abroad, you may face issues. Your jokes may not go down well and may lead to a big argument or fight. Beware of politics around you and do not underestimate your opposite camp or the enemy. Your financial status will get better.

You may get into an argument for no reason. Those running a business must keep their cool as their co-workers may be a bit troublesome. On the health front, you may suffer from neck pain or fall prey to cough. Both unmarried and married souls will be at peace. 

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virgo love one

You may get the opportunity to be a part of religious events. There will be some good news and happy times with the family. You may make some good and useful contacts as well this week. Be a bit careful on Saturday. Too much faith or trust in something or someone may prove lethal. On the health front, your teeth and stomach may suffer.

Speaking of your love life, those in a relationship will be happy and married souls will have a happier time as the negativity between you two may lessen. 


libra love one

There will be an issue in finishing your task. You may have some kind of profit as far as your savings and property is concerned. On Wednesday or Thursday, you may achieve some kind of success. As the week progresses, even if you have everything, you will still be sad and feel disappointed due to some reason.

A travel trip is possible in the coming days. On the health front, you may get a cough or have neck pain. Speaking of your love life, you may get into a tiff with your partner and those married will be just fine. 


There will be an increase in your financial savings and you will indeed be a happy soul this week. Luck will be on your side and you will also have the support of your brothers. As the week progresses you may face some obstacles in government based work. You may have to change your planning format.

By the end of the week, things will get better, you may make new friends and your financial status may get better. Those running a business will see progress in their work and and those employed will have happy bosses. On the health front, you may catch a cold. Talking about your love life, all will be blissful, be it those in a relationship or married. 

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sagi love one

The beginning of your week will be smooth and you will be in sync at work. You will be good at your tasks. As the week progresses, it is quite possible that your trust will be broken by a close one. Be very careful. On the professional front, business people must be careful when it comes to their partners and those employed must believe in themselves and trust themself the most.

On the health front, you may face issues with your eyes and nerves. When it comes to your love life, your proposal has the chance to be successful. Married people will be happy. 


Your child will be a source of happiness. The atmosphere at your workplace will remain peaceful. Your financial status will get better. Your mother will be showering you with her unconditional love. Your friends will be very helpful. During the weekend, be careful and do not engage in arguments and try not to step out of your house.

On the health front, your neck and your waist may ache. You could also fall prey to winter-related diseases or health problems. Love life is fine but those in a relationship may have an issue with their partner, however, married couples will be happy and their partners will be supportive. 


aquarius one

For some reason, you will remain upset. But your days will get better post-Wednesday. If you are in some battle or fights of some sort then you may be successful with your child on your side. You may have guests coming over. As the week progresses you may feel low. Your work will get delayed but financially you will be fine.

On the work front, if you are employed, your bosses may not be satisfied with your work. Businessmen or women do not have to worry as all seems to be steady as per the predictions. When it comes to your health, you may have stomach related issues. Love life seems okay with your partners standing behind you as support. 

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pisces love one

Do not engage in any competition as it may go in vain. Your family will be supportive and your hard work will be acknowledged and praised. You may have to travel. The whole week, during morning time, your mood will be dull and sad. By the middle of the week, you may become unstable financially by a small dent.

On the work front, your old planning will be fruitful. Businesswomen or men will be successful and those employed will perform well. On the health front, you may face a stomach disorder or have a cough. Do not rule out a bad headache. Talking about your love life, those single may get a matrimonial offer. 

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