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25th February To 4th March 2022: Weekly Horoscope By Astrologer

Get an in-depth analysis of your upcoming week from our expert. Take a look at what your weekly horoscope says.
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Published -26 Feb 2022, 11:04 ISTUpdated -26 Feb 2022, 11:28 IST
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Is there an urgent assignment or personal work that's keeping you worried? Are your relationships getting you worked up? Fret no more! Our astrologer Mr. Pankaj Khanna is here to guide you through this week. Read on to know more.


You've really been through the mill in the past few days, but at long last you can start to pull yourself together again. But first you've got to think about what happened and, preferably, talk about it as well to someone who understands. Do your best to learn more about yourself through this experience because then you'll have had something constructive out of it.


This is a brilliant time for getting out your purse or wallet, provided that you know where to draw the line. You don't have to spend a fortune to make your home more cozy or comfortable, and even a bunch of flowers will help if you're currently struggling to make ends meet. If you love food, you'll enjoy visiting a market or decent supermarket in search of some good ingredients.


expert weekly horoscope

You're in a very understanding and sympathetic mood, making it easy for you to tune into the people around you. This will encourage them to confide in you, so don't be surprised if someone pins you to the sofa and tells you some of their secrets. You may also have to listen while an older member of the family takes a nostalgic stroll down memory lane


There's such a strong emotional bond between you and a special person , that you can almost touch it. Don't pass up the opportunity to increase the connection between you, no matter what sort of relationship you have. If you meet someone new today, your relationship will always be characterized by a certain amount of seriousness but also by a shared appreciation


If you've fallen foul of a superior recently, they'll come down on you like a ton of bricks today. It won't be a pleasant experience, but maybe you need to face the music? If you're the one who's in the position of being judge and jury all rolled into one, try not to let your ego get the better of you so you turn the other person into an enemy. Take it gently and don't let your elevated position go to your head.


virgo weekly horoscope

You see slights and hurts at every turn. Are people really trying to get to you or are you over-reacting? It won't help if someone special isn't around or they seem to be giving you the cold shoulder. You'll torture yourself by imagining all sorts of terrible reasons for their current behaviour, when all the time there may be a very simple explanation.


There's a strong emphasis on your family and domestic life, and someone can't stop talking. It's OK if you don't have anything better to do except listen, but it will be a pain in the neck if you're trying to get on with whatever is on your personal agenda. All the same, you may also have your chatty moments, especially when talking about the past.

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You love your home comforts now and you'll be very reluctant to leave them for long. You might spend the days slumped on your sofa or sitting in the garden, but you'll prefer the company of close friends and family to that of complete strangers. Why not enjoy eating lots of delicious goodies, even if they are laden with calories? Sometimes you simply have to spoil yourself


Watch out when handling money because things won't go very well. You may have to deal with someone who tries to scupper you or get the better of you, even though they'll be all smiles on the surface. You should also beware of any offers or suggestions that sound too good to be true because that's probably exactly what they are. Throughout all this, you'll feel agitated and irritated


capricorn weekly horoscope

Your popularity starts to rise; it’s also going to be a fantastic time for love, whether you're looking for romance, friendship or family feelings. Get ready to dust off your party clothes because you could be invited to an exciting celebration and possibly even a wedding. It won't be yours, by any chance, will it?

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Communicate with co-workers, service appliances and maintain a healthy exercise routine and a good diet. There's tension in the air as the week begins and you could be tense or accident prone, especially at work or if operating machinery. Steer clear of disputes with co-workers.


This could be an unsteady time as the balance of work and home is somewhat disturbed. There'll be calls or pulls in opposing directions and you'll have to be quick on your feet to keep up. You may find responsibilities a bit overwhelming or hard to fulfill. Be inventive and patient as you try to solve problems.

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