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Valentine's Day Special: Stun Your Loved One By Decorating Your Room With These Budget-friendly Romantic Ideas

It's a wonderful day to show your sweetheart how much you love and appreciate them.
Published -09 Feb 2022, 12:43 ISTUpdated -09 Feb 2022, 12:57 IST
valentines decor budget friendly

Valentine's Day is approaching, and love is in the air. On the day of the annual festival to celebrate romantic love and admiration, different couples celebrate the romantic day in different ways. Some couples decide to go on a romantic trip together, while others go on a date, and so on. However, if you have decided to stay home for this beautiful day with your special one, you can make it special too. 

This Valentine's Day, decorate your room for your beloved in a budget friendly way and celebrate your love.

Make Candles Using Tea Cups

candle tea cups

If you are planning to celebrate the day of love at home, you can't miss candle night dinner. And for a candle night dinner, gorgeous candle decorations are an absolute must. But if you don't have a candle, you can build diyas out of tea cups you already have and plan a special dinner to surprise your partner. 

Along with the delicious food items on the table, decorate the table with beautiful tea cup candles and rose petals. Turn down the lights and enjoy a special night with your favourite person and the perfect ambiance.

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Amp Up Your Balcony

decorate balcony

Make your balcony lovely and celebrate Valentine's Day in a romantic way. We understand that this is a little too specific, given that not everyone has the privilege of a nice balcony. However, if you have one, it should be at the top of your list of homemade Valentine's Day room decorations!

Use flowers, plants, fairy lights, a cosy set up, quirky table lamps to decorate the special space! Hanging flower pots and blossoming vines will bring nature to your balcony. If your balcony is large enough to accommodate a small bed, add a canopy style bed to create your own private corner

Decorate your balcony swing with plant creepers and fairy lights if you have one. Daytime picnics and private chats can both be enjoyed on a balcony date. Put on a slow romantic music in the background and place some scented candles. Remember fragrance and perfect music are important players in creating romantic Valentine’s Day room decorations and creating the perfect ambience.

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Beautiful Paper Lamp

paper lamp

Lit up your room elegantly with beautiful paper lamps that you can make at home yourself. You can place this lamp made of paper in any corner of your room or house and it will look lovely. All it takes is a little effort and creativity.  Make these lovely lamps and use them to dress up your table.

Don't worry if you don't know how to make them; we'll walk you through it step by step.

DIY Paper Lamp

Materials Required:

  • Flameless candle ( LED electric candle ) 
  • Paper
  • Glue or Cello tape
  • A pencil
  • Needle 


Place a piece of paper on top of a foam pad or any soft surface and poke holes in a design you like. If you're having trouble getting a nice pattern, then sketch it with pencil and then pierce it.

Now using cello tape or glue, seal the ends together.

Inside the paper shade that we made, place a flameless candle. You may also use a regular candle, but it would be unsafe to use with paper because it could catch fire, so going flameless is the best option. 

If you want to use a normal candle, use a short candle and place it inside a glass container and then keep it inside the paper lamp shade.

Your paper lamp is ready to stun everyone with it's lovely look. Place it at the table and let it do the magic.

Decorate Walls Beautifully With Paper Crafts

paper wall decoration

This valentine's day, change the look of your walls using paper and a cello tape. Decorate the walls of the room, be it your bedroom or bathroom, using paper, tape and your creativity. Make wall art to entirely transform the look of the room and give it a wonderful appearance. 

To do so, cut out various shapes and paste them onto a large piece of paper or board, then hang it on the wall. It will give a beautiful look. You can go more creative and make other designs too using this trick.

These are a few tricks that will transform your room into something wonderful without spending a lot of money and by using materials that you already have at home. Decorate your room and surprise your loved one. Show how much you care for them and spend a wonderful time with them.

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