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JK Rowling Mercilessly Trolled For New Book About A Transphobe

JK Rowling is again in news for yet another one of her transphobic shenanigans. Read on. 
  • Krati Purwar
  • Editorial
Published -02 Sep 2022, 19:03 ISTUpdated -02 Sep 2022, 19:14 IST
jk rowling transphobic book

On August 31, writer JK Rowling announced her new novel ‘The Ink Black Heart’, which will be the sixth in the  Cormoran Strike series. She has been writing this series under the pseudonym of Robert Galbraith, a name that has been connected with a child torturer and a conversion therapist.

The book is about a transphobic character who gets murdered for “having opinions” that invalidate an entire community’s existence. Many observers noted that the plot of the book is identical to Rowling’s experience of losing fans and being criticised whenever she has expressed her transphobic views.

Twitter Reactions

Jessie Earl wrote that she could not get over how JK Rowling is pretending to be a man to write a transphobic book, while throwing herself a pity party after she had said hateful and abusive things about transgender women. 


One user tweeted that it is no longer ethical to consume or monetarily support any of JK Rowling’s works. He said there is no neutral territory that exists anymore.


Another user said there was no way JK Rowling picked the name ‘Robert Galbraith’, the name of an infamous conversion therapist and child torturer, ‘by accident’.


A person on Twitter reminded everyone that Rowling a  had been disgustingly fatphobic towards children, which was quite evident in the Harry Potter series.


Another  person pointed out that JK Rowling wrote a book about how she gets targeted by people, who don’t tolerate her bigotry, under a name she potentially borrowed from a man who invented anti-LGBTQ conversion therapy.


Another user wrote that Rowling must get over her pity party and stop crying over the fact that nobody publishes a female author. 


Another Twitter user trolled the author by saying that she has not only victimised herself in the new novel, but also gone after fat people and people with POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) and Fibromyalgia. The tweet further read, “She acts like she’s been crucified, we get it. You hate sick people and transgenders.”


Erin Reed wrote, “JK Rowling wrote a 1,024-page book about a transphobe harassed on the internet after a couple of trans people stood at the gates of her castle.” She pointed out that in reality, transgender people are the ones who are actually being targeted, doxxed, swatted, and chased around the world from a TERF-supported site (TERF - trans-exclusionary radical feminist).


JK Rowling’s Transphobic Comments

In the past, the author has been trolled multiple times over putting out transphobic tweets. On International Women’s Day this year, she criticised the Gender Recognition Reform Bill of Scotland that aimed at making it easier for people to change their gender.

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She wrote, “Apparently, under a Labour government, today will become We Who Must Not Be Named Day.”


This was just one instance out of many when the author has been called out by the LGTBQ+ community and its allies.

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When an influential person in such a position as hers openly tweets vitriolic words and throws them at a community that has been marginalised and wronged for so long, it provokes transphobes and homophobes to be more hostile towards an already targeted minority group. As a society, we need to do better. 

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