The petrol and diesel prices are increasing by the day, making a new record of the triple-digit at one point in time. We are all facing many issues due to the pandemic as work has stalled, there have been major pay cuts as well. The only solution we can come up with is that inculcate these tips so that we use less fuel.

Get Rid Of Unnecessary Weight

If you are the sorts who carries a lot in his or her car's trunk then it is high time you loosen that up. The logic here is that the more weight your car has the efficiency of your mileage per hour reduces. 

Engine On

engine on

Leaving your engine on when it is not in use, for a long time is that last thing that you should be doing. Even if it is just to make a cell phone call and parking on the side without switching off the engine, the vehicle consumes gas which affects the mileage it gives. You end up losing money for no reason. When you restart an engine, it uses the same amount of fuel equivalent to 30 seconds of idling. Therefore it is best to switch it off when you know it will be on standby for a long time. 

Buying Premium Fuel

Buying ordinary fuel is way better than investing in high octane gas which claims to give a premium performance. This is so because many may not realise, the octane here has nothing to do with the performance of gasoline. Until of course your vehicle is such that it requires it. This could contribute to some money-saving indeed. 

Correct Tyre Pressure


Being a driver myself, this is a useful tip. Invest in tire gauges as they should be inflated to the level recommended by the manufacturer. Even if one tire is not up to the mark, it can cost your fuel consumption by 2% per pound of pressure below the proper level of inflation. It is best to check the sticker on the vehicle’s doorpost for minimum tire inflation pressure.

Speed Limits

slow speed

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 10% to 15% improvement (approx) in fuel economy is possible if you drive at 55 mph instead of 65 mph.

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Air Conditioning Usage

Yes, it will be very hot as the summer approaches but what you must keep in mind is that the usage of A/C does not good for fuel consumption. It simply puts extra load on the engine and therefore, more fuel is used. Switch it on only when it is absolutely necessary. Did you know that this simple act can reduce gas consumption by 5 to 20 percent, according to the type of vehicle and the way it is driven? Try to use the vent setting as much as you can and if it is too hot, set it on 72 degrees. Also, if you park your car in the shade, it will save your fuel then as well. There will not be as much strain on the A/C to cool your car. 

Battle the increasing price of fuel by doing these small things which eventually matter a lot.