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    Relocating From One City To Other?Here Are Some Things You Should Know

    Are you relocating from one city to another? Here are some tips by our expert that will help you do it better. 
    Published -05 Jun 2021, 11:21 ISTUpdated -24 Nov 2021, 17:09 IST
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    The pandemic and the lockdowns have compelled thousands of city dwellers to shift from rented accommodations in bigger cities to their native homes in smaller towns. While usually, people move from one city to another to boost their career or following occasions like marriage, the pandemic-induced relocations led to a phenomenal surge in inter-city shifting across the country.

    Shifting is a mammoth task in itself and becomes even more uphill when you are moving amid a pandemic, which has transformed the way we have always lived. Here are a few tips by Mr. Avinash Raghav, Co-Founder & MD, Shift Freight, which will help you ensure a hassle-free relocation from one city to another.


    checklist relocation

    So should you start with a checklist? Of course, but not about what you must get packed, instead, chalk out a list of items that you wouldn’t need in your new abode. A new city or a new home is quite likely to be very different from where you are, be it in terms of weather, culture, people, or accessibility to essentials.

    Taking these factors into consideration, you might want to jot down what you would not need in your new place. Also, you should note down the items that have been lying unused for a long. Once done, get rid of the items, for you must always remember that lesser is better while shifting.


    expenses relocation

    Beware, you must take into consideration the expenses you might have to incur in lieu of the items you choose to discard. There is no point in spending money on something that you already possess. There is a tendency among most of us to take all measures to ensure that the fragile and expensive items and packed and dispatched in the safest possible manner. But this often leads to some important documents skipping our minds.


    Right when you are doing an inventory check, make sure that you find each important document/paper and place them diligently in a separate folder. It is advisable to keep it in the bag with which you would travel. Now that you have just what you need to carry along, it is time to tap the right mover and packer.

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    The Right Mover, Packer

    mover packer relocation

    Making lives easier in this regard are a few new-age tech-powered aggregators of movers and packers, who can ensure you the best price for your consignment. Make sure that besides pricing, their staffers follow all social distancing norms while all their vehicles or cartons are properly sanitized.

    When you make use of an aggregator instead of standalone movers and packers, you can rest assured in these aspects.

    According to Raghav, “While relocating people do not pay much heed to a few important aspects such as insurance, which is very crucial when it comes to shifting. Also, at times people are not aware of basic norms like surrendering LPG connection during inter-state shifting. All such information must be obtained beforehand to make sure that the whole process of packing and shifting remains hassle-free, safer, and less time-consuming.”

    Besides, when you pack the items, make sure you do it under different categories.

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    It is always better to pack under heads like kitchen, bedroom, drawing, etc. Apart from these, do not forget to stop online shopping at least 15 days in advance. We are sure you would not want to hassle of items getting returned or you taking the time out to cancel and re-order from your new location. This also stands true for the items you want to sell off before moving.

    Make it sacrosanct that you start selling all such items online at least one month in advance. And just before you finally leave the house, make sure all the lights are off, taps are closed and doors are locked.

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