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7 Things To Discuss With Your Partner Before Having A Baby

Having a baby is a huge responsibility that needs a couple to have an in-depth discussion. Read why.
  • Krati Purwar
  • Editorial
Published -05 Jul 2022, 16:17 ISTUpdated -05 Jul 2022, 16:32 IST
things to discuss with partner before having baby

Are you planning to have a baby? Well! It is one of the biggest steps in a relationship for many couples. It brings a lifetime of responsibilities for them. Therefore, it is crucial for women to hash out all their doubts and discuss all the queries before having a baby. Here is a list of points a couple must debate when planning to become parents.

Is It The Right Time?

Women must ask their partners if it is the right time to bring a baby into their lives. Physical health, finance, mental health and health of the relationship must be the point of discussion.

It is important that a couple discuss why they are planning to have a baby now? Will they be able to provide the child with a happy and safe environment at home? Have they already grown as a couple that they feel secure taking the next step to build a family together?

Is Your Relationship Or Marriage Happy?

couple discuss baby

Before planning a baby, it is crucial that both partners are happy in the relationship. If the relationship is abusive or partners do not feel happy in each other’s company, the baby will not make the road ahead smooth.

Many couples see a child as a problem-solving step in their relationship. Instead, a child comes with multiple responsibilities that can put off the relationship even further. 

What Are Your Childcare Options?

Whether the couple is working or a woman is a homemaker, it is necessary to discuss this point. Being a homemaker does not mean it will be a cakewalk for the mother to take care of the child.

On the other hand, if both the parents are working, the couple needs to discuss the childcare situation. With the increased cost of living, partners need to list out expenditures on childcare and discuss how they will balance other things in their lives.

What If There Are Challenges While Conceiving?

baby talk

When planning a baby, a couple must discuss the ‘what if’ factor in case they face difficulty while conceiving. Not being able to bear a child can be mentally tiring for both women and men.

Therefore, a healthy discussion before planning the child will help both the partners make a sound decision if or when they face the challenge. The couple must also discuss all the options they feel comfortable about exploring if they cannot conceive naturally. 

How The Baby Will Impact The Relationship?

While a child is a bundle of joy, the lives of parents completely turn around after the baby’s birth (how to take care of a newborn?). Hence, women must discuss with partners how they will make time for each other.

This also includes discussing how to share responsibilities and giving each other some personal space. Many couples struggle with maintaining communication and charm in the relationship after the arrival of the baby.

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What Will Be The Parenting Approach?

baby debate

Talking about the approach means discussing what responsibilities of a child each parent will take on. It is crucial that women discuss with their partners what their definition of parenthood (psychological effects of single parenting) means.

It will include what qualities they would like to inculcate in the child. Are there any habits on which both agree or disagree? How will the crucial decisions regarding education and medical conditions be made?

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How Does The Future Look?

While it is laborious and impossible to anticipate the future, the couple must have a discussion about it. Many women worry about managing the child, home and career, while many would like to take a small break from their jobs.

Hence, it is imperative that both partners are on the same page and have the same outlook on the future after they welcome the baby. Discussion about the future also includes talking about investments and expenditures that will be affected.

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