Dear Men, Here Are Some Romantic Gestures That Females Can't Resist

Are you trying hard to grab your woman's attention? Show her the following romantic gestures and she wouldn't be able to resist you!

Poornima Pandey
romantic gestures women love m'

The man of every woman’s desire is one with a gentle heart, great intellect, someone who cares for every small bit related to that girl and someone who is romantic in his own special way and that would mean the world to every woman perhaps. However, men these days believe that ‘women are too complicated and hard to understand’. But we assure you, a woman is as clear as a mirror, and there is nothing more than a few earnest and romantic gestures a woman would really want from you.

So, dear men, if you want to be that special one in your woman’s life, someone she looks up to and gives her heart to, then below are a few romantic gestures that you must show.

Surprise Her With Different Things

romantic gestures women love

We are not telling you to buy expensive gifts in order to make your woman happy, that can be done occasionally. But what we imply with ‘surprise’ here is that you should be able to surprise her, make her pleasantly happy each time with something new. Doing small things for her, for example, waking up before her to prepare a lovely breakfast before you both leave for office. Understanding her needs and watching out for her even though she is not expecting you to.

And many such things will surely keep your woman on her toes and help your relationship get stronger. So, go plan a romantic dinner or take her on a surprise getaway while her favourite songs play on the speakers.

Offer Her Protection But Do Go Over Board

romantic gestures women love

Another very important aspect that makes a man seem romantic to any woman is the way he can bend all rules for her. A woman would definitely go crazy for someone who protects her just enough and understands her, giving her the individual freedom she deserves.

Sometimes, a lack of that protective feeling or too much of it may worry you both a little but learn from your mistakes and your woman with acknowledge all your efforts, reciprocating double the love you gave her.

Be Thoughtful

romantic gestures women love

Women care about nothing more than that lovely thought of yours behind doing something that you did for her. Even if it is you trying to cook for her and you end up messing the dishes up, it is the honesty in your efforts that will proclaim you as her favourite man.

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Bring The Things That She Loves

romantic gestures women love

Like a drink that she always has, or something she does before going out, something she wears or she makes it a point to do. You can try being a medium that thing reaches your girl and you will see how super elated she will be.

Create Things For Her

When you put in your heart and soul preparing something sweet and artsy for her, there’s nothing that can make her that happy. A beautiful collage, a customised handmade card, or challenge yourself to create innovative art that she can hold inside her heart(love poems to share with soulmate).

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So, try these gestures and you will get an instant response to them from your partner. If you liked reading this article then stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more such pieces.