A smelly bathroom can be so embarrassing. A lot of us face this problem and find it really difficult to cover the smell. There can be a lot of reasons that contribute to that foul smell in the bathroom. We all want our bathroom to smell nice and fresh and making some small changes can really help in removing that smell. Scroll down to know. 

Improper Ventilation

ventilation in toilet

Poor ventilation can be one of the most common reasons behind that foul smell in your bathroom. You need proper ventilation to get rid of that foul odour. Placing an exhaust fan in the bathroom increases airflow in the area which further helps in reducing smell. Everytime you use your bathroom, make sure you turn the ventilator on. If you don't have enough space to place an exhaust fan in the bathroom then you can open the window for some time. It will help in clearing the moist air which can make your bathroom have that musty smell. Also, it is important to clean the ventilation fan every 6 months.

Clogged Wash Basin Drain


Those small holes you see on your wash basin prevent overflow in the basin in case you leave it open. We use the wash basin everyday and with time, dust, dirt and soapy water start getting collected in these holes that starts to build up the smell in the basin. This smell further spreads all over your bathroom. It is very important to clean these holes from time to time to prevent this smell. An easy way to clean them is by using a mix of soda bicarbonate and vinegar. Pipe cleaners are also available that properly cleanse the holes and prevent that foul smell.

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Seal Leakage

Seal leakage in the toilet or shower pipe can lead to that smell too. If there is a constant foul odour in your bathroom and you are unable to figure it out then check any leakage in the pipes. If yes, then get it immediately fixed by a plumber. 

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Replace Air Fresheners With Odour Eliminator

You may be using an air freshener everytime after using the bathroom but does it still smell bad? Well, that can be because the smell is too strong. Sometimes the smell may get mixed up with the purifier and give out a worse odour. Air fresheners usually cover the smell but they don't really work when the smell is very strong. It is best to get odour eliminators. They are easily available in the market these days and they help in nuetralising the odours. As compared to the fresheners, the eliminators are more effective. 

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Clogged Waste Drainage 

clogged drainage

While taking a shower, we use a lot of different products like shampoos, soaps and these starts to get accumulated in the drain. Hair too gets collected in the drain. The waste drainage helps in cleanses all this dirt and flushes it out. However, if the waste drainage is clogged then it can be a reason behind that musty smell in the bathroom. Using a drain cleaning solution can help in unclogging it. If that doesn't work, you can call a local plumber to fix it. 

Other than trying these ways of getting rid of that foul odour, you can also invest in an air purifier. An air purifier is a must-have if you constantly suffer from this issue of a smelly bathroom. It increases the air circulation in the area and removes the odour causing bacteria from your bathroom. 

We hope these tips help you get rid of the bathroom odour. For more such tips, stay tuned!