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  • Tanushree De
  • Editorial

Mera Power Vote: Each Vote Can Decide A Win Or Loss

Women's contribution will be huge in the upcoming 2019 Elections. Her Zindagi talked to one of the voters Sudha Chakrapani who stressed about the impo...
Published -27 Mar 2019, 19:20 ISTUpdated -28 Mar 2019, 17:52 IST
  • Tanushree De
  • Editorial
  • Published -27 Mar 2019, 19:20 ISTUpdated -28 Mar 2019, 17:52 IST
sudha chakrapani interview elections mera power vote

Women's contribution will be huge in the upcoming 2019 Lok Sabha elections because it is expected that this time women voters will participate in increased numbers as compared to the last time. In the general elections this year, women's percentage is estimated to be higher than men as their numbers have been statistically rising over the years. Considering their right to vote, most women say that they will vote for the candidate of their choice and they will not consult anybody when it comes to this. With empowered women voters, we can expect to see a better job situation for them and lesser opportunities for exploitation. This time women will be at the forefront of the polling booth and change the picture of democracy with their precious votes. Now political parties have also started giving special importance to women voters. They consider women as a separate vote bank entity and are promising to give them scholarships in studies, cheaper cooking fuel, policies for better safety and better educational aids including bicycles for commuting to college.

That is why, most women who were earlier reluctant, want to exercise their right to vote this time. But how do women see the question of their involvement and what are the problems of their area that they want to draw attention to? What are their expectations from the government that will be eventually elected? How do they view their identity as a female voter? To find the answers to some of these questions, Her Zindagi talked to Sudha Chakrapani who is a senior citizen and works as a corporate director. According to her women have to admit that ‘every vote is important’ and that each vote matters in a win or loss when it comes to elections. That’s why she requests all the women of the country to come out and vote.

sudha chakrapani

1. Will You Vote This Year?

Yes of course! Because every vote is important. Any candidate can lose or win with a single vote. So everyone should definitely vote.

2. What Is Your Constituency And What Do You Know About The Candidates?

I will vote from Dwarka assembly constituency, Delhi. And I know very well about the candidates.

3. What Issue Is Your Vote Based On?

The issues of the country are up for debate, but women's issues are slightly different. A woman wants to vote on issues such as education and women's security. But I will cast my vote based on overall development.

4. What Problems Of Your Area Do You Want To Draw An Attention To? 

There is no vegetable market around Dwarka. There’s only a weekly vegetable market and I have to buy the vegetable and stock it for a whole week.

5. What Are The Expectations From The Government That Will Be Elected? 

I hope the elected government is able to ensure better women's security, the better financial condition of the country and make our nation a better place for living.

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6. What Do You Have To Say To Women Who Do Not Vote?

Every vote is precious and no matter what, women should definitely vote. I request all the women of the country to come out in huge numbers and vote for a better nation.

Do you know about the all women’s party that’s going to contest elections or the NYAY scheme that Congress is promising to roll out if elected? Stay tuned to Her Zindagi to read all about this and more on Elections 2019.

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