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    Meet The Female Indie Artists Making The Crowd Go Wild, HZ Exclusive

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    Updated at - 2022-12-12,16:03 IST
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    Listening to music can be refreshing for many of us, and thanks to some really talented singers, their songs can, even if momentarily, provide us with an escape from the harsh realities of life. 

    India has an abundance of such talent and while many people believe that they are just limited to Bollywood, it actually extends further. 

    There are several female indie musicians in India whose music is not only delightful to listen to but also brimming with loads of sass and charisma that can make you want to let your hair down and your energy levels soar.

    Here are some of the most talented female indie musicians, who recently performed at the 13th edition of BACARDÍ NH7 Weekender, and made the crowd move and groove to their tunes.

    1. Wild Wild Women

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    The first all-female hip-hop group in India, Wild Wild Women, is renowned for its hard-hitting lyrics and brilliant flow. The group consists of eight members – five singers, two dancers, and a graffiti artist – and they collaborate to create songs in a range of languages including Tamil, English, Marathi, and Hindi.

    “What glues us together is our passion for making music and it always amuses people when they discover that we connected on a social media platform, found a common beat to vibe to at an all-women’s cypher, and just decided to give it a shot. Possibly the best decision each one of us has made so far,” they said in an interview with HerZindagi.

    They contend that as India is a very diverse country with a wide variety of languages, subcultures, audience tastes and preferences, our music needs to reflect all of these elements more often.

    According to them, India’s hip-hop scene can be taken to the next level with richer representation and inclusion within India’s hip-hop community.

    “For instance, we are an all-girls crew and write songs across languages including Tamil, English, Marathi, and Hindi – this allows us to not only reach a wider set of listeners but also helps us strike a balance between the natural instinct of using our mother tongue and showcasing our skills as emcees to ultimately redefine the face of hip-hop as a truly Indian genre,” they added.

    2. Jhalli

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    A trained vocalist in western, classical, blues, musical theatre, and jazz, Jhalli, aka Aaliyah Qureishi, is a Mumbai-based pop artist, who is making waves in the indie music scene with her magical voice and empowering and inspiring lyrics.

    She says, “To me, being a Jhalli (loosely translated: mad girl) feels very empowering because it means I can do what I want – I can be free-spirited, creative, and rebellious. I wanted to infuse these qualities into my artistry. So, maybe Aaliyah lets things go and is a little calmer, but I want Jhalli to be this powerful force who steps into her power and speaks her mind. She is someone who’s outspoken and bold, and that is the energy that inspires me.”

    She continued by saying that she understands the importance of conflicting and/or strong emotions and that her most overwhelming emotions inspire her to write.

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    3. Meba Ofilia

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    Meba Ofilia is a Shillong-based Indian songwriter, rapper, and singer, who won the Best Indian Act award at the 2018 MTV European Music Awards for her song ‘Done Talking’, which she co-wrote with the co-founder of Khasi Bloodz and veteran MC, Big Ri, who is also a Shillong based artist.

    Born and raised in Shillong, Ofilia naturally started her music journey in her hometown and over the years, it started gaining recognition in the independent space. She says, “The city you are born in certainly has an impact on your life. It is natural for the culture and trends of that city to inspire your taste and the work that you put out. But I think being from Shillong has taught me more than just that. When I first started making music, the idea was to pursue it as a hobby, and if it was not for the immense support I received from my hometown, Shillong, it would have stayed that way.”

    She added, “The collaborative and encouraging spirit of the city helped me find my way into the city’s robust music scene with the opportunity to work with several local acts before I decided to pursue a career as a solo artist. Today, many fans are Shillong-based, and I continue to receive a lot of support from the small town that I come from and it’s truly humbling to know that. I am very grateful for this community which is nothing short of a family to me, and I will continue making music that takes inspiration from the people and places that I call home.”

    4. Anumita Nadesan

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    Anumita Nadesan is a 21-year-old singer from Trivandrum, who shot to fame with her mid-lockdown cover of Jashn-E-Bahara in December 2020. 

    When asked about social media's impact on her career, she said, “Social media has been monumental in laying the foundation of my career in music. I still remember the love I got when my Jashn-E-Bahara cover went viral on Instagram during the lockdown – it was so surreal, words can’t describe it! Social media has helped my voice reach the right people, amass an audience of my own online, and find my way into bigger opportunities offline. In under a year, I got the opportunity to headline a stage at BACARDÍ NH7 Weekender, India’s biggest indie music event. Without social media, none of this could have happened so quickly!”

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