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    #Lockdownwiththejohars: Yash And Roohi Disapprove Karan Johar's Sartorial Picks, Watch Videos

    Karan Johar gives Yash And Roohi a tour of his walk-in closet and his kids start criticizing his fashion picks.
    Published -04 Apr 2020, 12:45 ISTUpdated -04 Apr 2020, 16:39 IST
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    Not only for his mushy films, but KJo is also known for his style picks. KJo has been giving us style goals for years now, his embellished jackets to stylish shoes, he never fails to impress. We always have our eyes on his sartorial choices. Now can you imagine his fashion choices being criticised ever? Well, it is now all happening and all during this time when he is spending this lockdown period with this family.

    Ace filmmaker, Karan Johar recently decided to give his kids Yash and Roohi a tour of his walk-in closet and looks like his kids aren't very impressed with his fashion picks. Karan Johar posted a couple of videos from his wardrobe series on his Instagram and we can see Yash and Roohi brutally criticising their Dad's fashion sense.

    In the first video, Karan asked Roohi if she likes Dadda's clothes, “Wow, Roohi, Yash we are in Dadda’s closet. Roohi do you like Dadda’s clothes?” and Roohi answered, "No!". Next, "Karan asked Yash what he should wear then?" He said, “Simple clothes”.

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    In the closet for now!!! And they have an opinion!!! #lockdownwithejohars

    A post shared by Karan Johar (@karanjohar) onApr 1, 2020 at 12:02am PDT

    In another video, Yash can be seen holding Karan's pink sneakers. Karan asks if he likes them, to which he replied, “NO! Roohi’s shoes.”

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    He disapproves! She dismisses! #myfashionpolice #lockdownwiththejohars

    A post shared by Karan Johar (@karanjohar) onApr 1, 2020 at 5:11am PDT

    Yash and Roohi clearly have a disliking for Gucci and we wonder why! When KJo asked Yash about his fashion picks, he said, "Very sharp Gucci." Little Roohi added, "Don't wear Gucci."

    Karan Johar's mother Hiroo Johar also disapproved of his clothes and said, "I think you are wearing too much black, too much bling. In short you should reinvent yourself."

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    This led to the filmmaker apologise to the brand. He captioned it, "Well the assault on my fashion continues! It's now a family intervention! My apologies in advance to the very sharp Gucci ( no idea where that came from)."

    That's not all, in another video, Yash and Roohi can be again seen criticising Gucci clothes. While Roohi was holding a silver jacket, Karan asked what she thinks about it, she said, "Don't wear Gucci" and later adds, "It's too shiny". When KJo asks Yash about it, he just laughs and Karan doesn't like it, be says he is upset and sulking! KJo Instagrammed the video and captioned it, "Well the Gucci rant continues! For some reason they are not getting over it! And I have gone into a Sulk!"

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    Randomness in the closet! #lockdownwiththejohars #gocorona

    A post shared by Karan Johar (@karanjohar) onApr 3, 2020 at 1:28am PDT

    KJo posted another video on Instagram yesterday once again from his closet. This time, Yash can be seen playing with Karan's Versace jacket and Roohi can be seen playing around. Looks like Yash approved of Karan Johar's jacket finally! However, Roohi isn't and wanted to go outside the closet. The adorable kids can be then seen adjusting each other's hair.

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    How adorable do Yash and Roohi look as they tour Dadda's fashion closet? We are so glad that KJo is keeping us all entertained with this fun #Lockdownwiththejohars series on Instagram.

    Karan thinks he needs to reassess his fashion choices after his kids disapproving of them. What do you think?


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