Best Ideas To Decorate A Small Living Room In Shades Of Green

From light fixtures to indoor plants, take a look at how to enhance the décor of the living room in shades of green.

Krati Purwar
living room green hue

Green is the colour of nature. Therefore, many prefer to add this shade to their bedroom and living room. However, it may be confusing to decorate the living room in shades of green, so it always appears cosy and welcoming. Here are a few tips to consider!

Green Blends With Pink And Yellow

In the image above, you can see that the background of the living room is painted in a pale green shade. However, to create a soothing contrast, the colour of the sofa is soft berry pink.

One can also try the sofa in party pink, carnation pink or ballerina pink shades. Green also blends impeccably with yellow colour and maple. Therefore, the living room design has the woodwork in soft hues of maple, birch and apple shades. You can also introduce yellow colour via designer showpieces.

All Green Living Room

all green living room

If you like to go all green for the living room, a dark hue of the colour would be a perfect choice. In the image above, you can see that the wall is painted green, and the sofa is also in a similar shade.

However, as mentioned in the above tip that green blends perfectly with shades of yellow. Hence, one must introduce colour through furniture and fixtures. With a dark shade of green, the golden colour mixes well. In such a room, the wood furniture must be in sapelli mahogany, kaya mahogany, Indian rosewood, American rosewood and black walnut hues.

Add Emerald Wallpaper

Many would like to add wallpaper instead of painting the walls in the living room. In such a case, emerald or dark green printed wallpapers work like magic to change the tapestry of the room.

If you decide to go with an emerald wallpaper, you must add the sofa, carpet and table in light hues, maybe white or creamy shade. Also, add white light fixtures to create a lively environment during the dark hours.

Fill The Room With Indoor Plants

indoor plants

What is a better way to add green colour to the living room than placing different indoor plants in the nook and corners? If you look at the above image, you can see the room is painted white, the green shade is added with the help of the sofa, cushions and plants.

This way, you can create a cosy space to read and unwind at any time of the day. Moreover, indoor plants keep the air fresh and the environment lively. If you are going for such a décor, keep the furniture in beech, Honduras mahogany, American mahogany, kempas, Okoume, walnut burl and garden walnut shades.

Neutral Palette In The Living Room

Many people like neutral shades instead of bright and intense ones. Such women can use a neutral tone with muted green shade. You can, however, keep the sofa in dark tones of grey and contrasting colours with black and white.

For such an interior design option, people must choose warm or muted tones with the furniture and showpieces as well. You can make the space cosy by adding a furry rug or cushions.

Minimal Green Living Room

minimal green living room

Some people like to keep their living room classy and minimal. In such a case, painting the wall in a green hue might not be a good idea. If you are going for the minimal interior design look, you must keep the walls in pastel hues.

For this kind of décor, you can add the sofa in muted tones of green. You can also match a few things like a lampshade or any other showpiece with the tone of the sofa. You must remember to keep the wooden furniture in birch, maple, apple, garden walnut and oak shades.

Enliven The Room With Turquoise Green

Would you like to add a touch of the spring season to your living room décor? You can do that with a Turquoise green hue. Either one can add the wallpaper or paint the walls in this shade.

The turquoise green blends beautifully with bright yellow colour and dark tones of brown colour. Hence, when you are adding furniture, you must keep these details in mind. You can also add a colourful painting of nature and artificial plants in white, yellow, cream and green hues.

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Add Contrasting Hues

contrasting hues

If you want to save yourself from going overboard by adding green to your living room, you can add contrasting tones of yellow, green and blue to the room. A soft blue sofa, like the one in the above image, fits perfectly in the middle of the room.

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When it comes to adding tones of green colour, you can add varieties of indoor plants, and light fixtures must be in golden shade. Your living room will appear cosy and bright in every season.

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