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From Communicating To Taking Time Off, 5 Tips To Deal With Burnout At Work

Burnout is physical and mental exhaustion that can compromise your health. Find out ways to deal with it.
  • Krati Purwar
  • Editorial
Published -30 Aug 2022, 17:17 ISTUpdated -30 Aug 2022, 17:28 IST
tips to manage burnout at work

A hectic work schedule, neverending deadlines, and personal differences at the workplace can lead to burnout over time. A company might have a positive work environment and employee-friendly policies, but people can still feel sad, stressed, and irritated.

Burnout is physical and mental exhaustion that comes with overwhelming feelings. With rising pressures at workplaces, and the intent to be the best in the field, companies often overlook the mental well-being of their employees. However, we have a few tips that can help you deal with on-coming burnout in a series of stages.

Acknowledge The Stress

acknowledge burnout

Responsibilities at workplaces often stress out employees. However, if you start to show symptoms of physical and mental exhaustion, you must acknowledge that you have reached the point of burnout. 

According to a Forbes article, if you wake up lethargic even after a good night's sleep of eight hours, it is one of the symptoms of burnout. Others include increased susceptibility to illness, depression, insomnia, fatigue, anger, and impaired concentration.

Communicate And Define Your Limits

If something at work is bothering you to a point of physical and mental exhaustion, you must talk to your manager or HR. They might provide a solution or take a few responsibilities off your shoulders.

Another thing to consider in this phase is deciding the amount of work and stress that you can handle. Some people have a high threshold, while some have other issues in life that can compound the stress. You do not have to compare yourself to someone else when setting your own limits.

Take Time Off From Working At A Desk

work from home and relax

Working from the office or sitting at a desk does not work for everyone. Working away from a desk could be a small but significant twist to make your work-life balance a little more manageable. Many companies now offer work-from-home opportunities, which allow you to work from anywhere. 

If you can avail of such an opportunity, you can travel and work at the same time. You can design a work-from-home space that motivates you to work. You can also try working from a park or a coffee shop.

Find Ways To Make Work Interesting

Often following the same routine every day can make you feel exhausted. If you see no value in your work, it might bring your morale down and make you disinterested in going to work.

Therefore, you must find ways that can help you make your work interesting and more meaningful. It could also mean taking on a challenging role or a new responsibility.

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Take A Vacation And Rest

woman enjoying vacation

A vacation is another way to step away from work and freshen your mind. A change in routine and a break from work can immensely help with burnout. It offers you a break from deadlines and hectic schedules.

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Taking a break can also mean spending some time at home. You must rest well, sleep, watch your favourite shows, and eat healthy food. It can help with stress and provide comfort.

However, if any of the above tips fail to provide you comfort, you must think about changing the job and speaking to a professional. Life is too short to deliberately stay in situations that make you miserable.


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