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Here’s How To Get Rid Of Moss And Algae From Side Walls In Monsoons

Worried about the moss and algae on your sidewalls during monsoons? These effective tips and tricks can help you to get rid of them.
  • Archana Kasana
  • Editorial
Published -16 Jul 2021, 10:30 ISTUpdated -16 Jul 2021, 10:30 IST
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No matter how much we love rains or the monsoon season but it has its downside, right? Whether it’s about the dampness in the kitchen or the weird smell in the room, monsoons can trouble you at times. One such most common problem which we all must have faced during the rainy season is the growth of moss or algae on the sidewalls of the house. The stubborn moss or algae not only ruins the look of our house but also destroys the expensive paint we have invested in. But thanks to some effective ways through which we can get rid of them quickly.

Detergent Solution

alage in monsoons

Mix your regular detergent powder in 2 cups of water, 1 cup of household cleaner, and ½ cup of bleach in 1-liter water. Now apply the mixture on the walls and starts scrubbing the wall gently with the solution. Make sure you are diluting the bleach properly before using it on the exterior of your walls.

Spray Bottle

You can pour the detergent solution into a spray bottle and gently spritz it on the areas where it is required. When you use any other method there is a risk of soaking the whole wall with bleach which can ruin the exteriors instead of removing the moss or algae.

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Let The Solution Work

algae during monsoons

Once you have sprayed the solution on the affected area you need to wait for 15 to 20minutes, for the bleach to work completely. Let the bleach penetrate deeply and work and destroy the organism, and prevent it from further spreading.

Scrubbing Off

You can even use a brush, dip it into the solution and gently scrub off the algae from the walls. The brush drenched with the solution will loosen up the organism and it will be easy to remove the leftover stains. Make sure you are wearing gloves to protect your hands from the strong bleach solution.

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Using Pressure

on wall moss

Get rid of the remaining moss and algae by rinsing it using a garden horse. The bleach solution will remove most of the organism from the walls, but to remove the leftovers you will have to use water pressure. In case you have a garden outside your house or vegetation nearby, the hose will remove the bleach from the walls but will also dilute it with water.

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