Diamond accessories look classy and they can be paired up with almost all your outfits. But when you start wearing your diamond earrings frequently, they lose their shine and become dull. The stone and metal of the earrings can also lose their luster when it comes in contact with the oil from your skin and hair. We know it breaks your heart to see your favourite accessory losing its charm, but don’t worry we have some simple tips through which you can restore the shine of your worn-out diamond earrings.

Using A Liquid Soap

daimond earring ways to clean

Although there are lots of jewelry cleaning kits available in the market, they are mostly harsh on your expensive accessories. You can make your cleaning kit or solution by just adding 1tbsp of regular dish soap in 1 cup of warm water. Stir the mixture properly until it the water turns soapy. Make sure to check your dishwashing soap before mixing it up with water. The dishwashing soap should not have a strong fragrance or chemical otherwise it can damage your earrings.

Using A toothbrush

clean diamond earrings

Once you have made your solution, take an old brush with soft bristles and dip it in the soap. Now start moving the brush gently on the surface of the earrings, in a circular motion. Once you have cleaned the upper part of your earring dip them again in the mixture and let it get soaked for another 10-15 minutes. Then take out the earring from the solution, and pat dry them using a towel. If you feel like rinsing it off with clean water then dip it again in a bowl filled with plain water, instead of washing them under running water.

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Using Ammonia Solution

diamond earrings

It is easy to clean your diamond earring using the ammonia solution. All you have to do is, mix the ammonia with six-part of normal temperature water. Now dip your earrings in the solution for about 20 minutes, and then take them out. Make sure you are using rubber gloves while cleaning your earring using ammonia. You need to again put the earring in a bowl with clean water and then brush it off to get rid of accumulated dirt and oil.

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Using Detergent

In case you don’t have dishwashing soap then you can make use of your regular detergent powder as well. To make the solution, you need to mix 1tbsp of the detergent in 3 cups of water, then dip an old brush or towel and clean the earrings. Move the brush or towel in a circular motion so that the dirt can easily come out, even from the corners. Another way of cleaning the earrings using detergent is to dip them in the solution for 20-30 minutes. Then take out the earrings and scrub the stone and metal behind them normally.

We hope you found these tips to clean the diamond earrings useful. Stay tuned to herzindagi for more such stories.