Your phone is your number one best friend these days but is it really helping you in your life? It has become your banking medium, your social life, your shoping mall. Your whole life revolves around it. It is always in our hands whether we are in a meeting or at home, simply chilling. But did you know that your phone number influences your life as per Numerology?

Kashish Parashar, Astrologer, Numerologist and Palm Reader told HerZindagi that when we keep our best friend in sync with our "life path number it can do wonders for us specially for our career and relationships. To calculate the master number of your mobile number add all the ten digits of your number until it comes down to a single digit." 

mobile one

Parashar shared that if your number is - 0716489538 Then the master number of your mobile number would be 0+7+1+6+4+8+9+5+3+8 = 51 

5+1 = 6

6 is the master number of this particular mobile number. 

Your Date Of Birth    Your Lucky Number

1,10,19,28                                             2,3,4,9

2,11,20,29                                             1,5

3,12,21,30                                             1,2,9

4,13,22,31                                             5,6,8

5,14,23                                                  1,6

6,15,24                                                  4,5,7,8 

7,16,25                                                  6,9

8,17,26                                                  4,5,6

9,18,27                                                  1,2,3,7

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What Will The Lucky Numbers Enhance In Your Life? 

mobile number numero two

  • Number 1: Power & Command 
  • Number 2: Beauty & Creativity 
  • Number 3: Communication Skills 
  • Number 4: Aura & Convincing Power
  • Number 5: Money & Friends 
  • Number 6: Luxury 
  • Number 7: Spiritual Energies 
  • Number 8: Leadership 
  • Number 9: Diseases & Anger (People with health issues should always avoid number 9) 

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One must avoid too much repetition of a single digit in your mobile number. By doing so you will create a balance and harmony in your life. 

Always Choose your mobile number wisely and experience the charisma.

Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more on numerology and how it influences different aspects of your life.